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As shown in FIG. In addition to these illustrated embodiments, the scroll wheel assemblies can also be located within other peripheral, computer input devices such as a trackball device or a similar input device.

For example, the scroll wheel assemblies could also be located in the bezel of a hand-held computer, a larger portable computing device, a web pad, or Internet appliance, or could be located on the chassis of a laptop computer. Like the keyboard 50 and the mouse 60, these other known peripheral devices can have wired or wireless connections to the host computer 8 as is A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse in the art.


The scroll wheel assembly 10 can alternatively be located in a computer monitor or in the base portion of a laptop computer. As described in more detail hereinafter, in addition to its normal rotational movement for vertical scrolling, the rotatable member 30, 40 may be moved laterally to horizontally scroll an image on the display screen 2. This side-to-side movement is generally in the direction of the sidewalls of the opening and can be along an axis extending perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the rotatable member 30, Lateral motion also includes axi-lateral motion, which as used herein, is A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse movement of the rotatable member 30, 40 along the axis about A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse it rotates.

Additionally, lateral motion can include pivoting motion experienced by the rotatable member when it is pivoted in a direction that extends at an angle to its plane of rotation in the direction of the sidewalls of the opening of the input device.

A portion of the wheel 30 protrudes away from the outer A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse of the mouse 60 so that it can be contacted and manipulated by a user. In a second embodiment, shown in FIG. Like the disk-shaped wheel 30, a portion of the cylindrically shaped wheel 40 protrudes above the keyboard 50 outer surface so that it can be easily contacted and manipulated by a user.

A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse Other shapes capable of rotating relative to a housing can also be used for the rotatable members of A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse scroll wheel assembly For example, wheel 40 could have a circular cross section of constant diameter as shown in FIG. Alternatively, the wheel 40 could have a circular cross section with a central region 41 that has a reduced diameter concave profile as shown in FIG.

A4Tech G ड्राइवर मुफ्त डाउनलोड (ver. 2.­)

The contoured central regions 41, 42 of the wheels 40 shown in FIGS. The concave profile of the wheel in FIG. With the scroll wheel 40 in FIG. Alternatively, the rotatable wheels 30, 40 can be provided with other types of slip resistant arrangements, such as a multi-textured coatings or a knurled surface. With regard to the embodiments illustrated in FIGS. For clarity, the present invention will be discussed as embodied in the keyboard 50 A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse illustrated in FIG. However, it should be understood A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse the discussion of the scroll wheel assembly 10 is equally applicable for use in a mouse 60, as illustrated in FIGS.

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It should also A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse understood that the description of the movement of the cylindrical-shaped wheel 40 as a scroll wheel relative to the housing 51 and the scrolling of the image 1 is equally applicable to the disk-shaped wheel The cylindrical shaped wheel 40 is positioned about and secured to a shaft 56 that defines an axis 52 extending substantially parallel to the length of the keyboard 50 and across opening The wheel 40 can be keyed, adhered or otherwise attached to the shaft 56 in order to prevent relative movement between itself and the shaft Alternatively, the cylindrical shaped wheel 40 and the shaft 56 may be integrally formed together.

As described in conjunction with FIGS. In yet another embodiment, not shown, the wheel 40 moves relative to the shaft 56 in rotational and lateral directions, i. The wheel 40 preferably has an outer diameter in the range of about 0.

In a preferred embodiment, the diameter of the wheel 40 is about 0. The wheel 40 can also have a length along the axis 52 of about 0.

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In a preferred embodiment, the wheel 40 has a length of about 1. Further, in the preferred embodiment as used in the keyboard, the length of the wheel 40 is greater than its diameter. The shaft 56 may be coupled to the peripheral device 50, 60 in any desired manner that achieves the described functionality. A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse

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Similarly, the supports 59 could also be positioned along the length of shaft 56 so that they are spaced from ends 57, In a manner known in the art, when the cylindrical shaped wheel 40 and shaft 56 are rotated by the user, the rotational motion is sensed by a rotational movement sensing system 87 and the image 1 is scrolled in either a positive or a negative vertical direction that extends parallel to the Y-axis 4, i. Any known sensing system may be used. One rotational movement sensing system 53 that can be included is schematically illustrated in FIG. As known in the art, this rotational movement sensing system can include a light source, A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse encoder wheel, and a light detector.

Blades on the encoder wheel periodically obstruct the light beam when the wheel 40 is rotated.

A4Tech Non-Optical 4D Wireless USB Mouse Driver

The detector senses these obstructions and is coupled to a controller 11 to generate and relay a signal to the host computer 8 to scroll the image in the Y-direction up or down. Additionally, A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse scroll wheel assembly 10 includes a lateral movement sensing system 70 having at least one sensor 71 that determines when the cylindrical shaped wheel 40 is experiencing lateral motion. The scroll wheel assembly 10 also includes the controller 11 for interpreting the output from A4Tech RFW-29 Mouse sensor, converting it to a signal and delivering the signal to the host computer 8.

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