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While we believe that certain of our technologies, such as Acer Asset 75401 Enterprise Series open-architecture software platform, provides an industry standard, if we were to fail to develop our product and service offerings to take advantage of technological developments, we may fall behind our competitors and our business, financial condition, results and prospects could suffer.

If we are unable to manage potential risks related to acquisitions, our Acer Asset 75401 and growth prospects could suffer. Part of our growth strategy involves acquisitions designed to extend our product offerings and customer base.

During fiscalwe acquired Interlott Technologies, Inc. During fiscalwe acquired Spielo, a leading provider of video lottery terminals and related products and services to the global gaming industry, and Leeward Islands Lottery Holding Company, Inc. Our ability to continue to expand successfully through Acer Asset 75401 depends on many factors, including our ability to identify acquisition prospects and negotiate and close transactions.

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We may not realize the synergies, operating efficiencies, market position or revenue growth we anticipate from acquisitions and our failure to effectively manage the above risks and other problems associated with acquisitions could have a material adverse effect on Acer Asset 75401 business, growth prospects and financial performance. Acquisitions outside of our core lottery market may subject us to enhanced competition. Acquisitions also pose the risk that we may be exposed to successor Acer Asset 75401 relating to actions by an acquired company and its management before the acquisition.

The due diligence we conduct in connection with an acquisition, and any contractual indemnities we may receive from sellers of acquired companies, may not be sufficient to protect us from, or compensate us for, actual liabilities. A material liability associated with an acquisition could also adversely affect our results of operations, business and prospects, and reduce the anticipated benefits of the acquisition.


Expansion of online lottery and other forms of gaming face opposition which could limit our access to some markets. Gaming opponents continue to persist in efforts to curtail the expansion of online lottery Acer Asset 75401 other forms of legalized gaming.


We can give no assurance that this opposition will not be successful in preventing the legalization of gaming in jurisdictions where these activities are presently prohibited or prohibiting or limiting the expansion of online lottery and other forms of gaming where these activities are currently permitted, in either case to the detriment of our results of operations, business and prospects. Our business prospects and future success depend upon our ability to attract and retain qualified employees. Our business prospects and future success depend, Acer Asset 75401 part, upon our ability to attract and to retain qualified managerial, marketing and technical employees. Competition for such employees is sometimes intense, and we may not succeed in hiring and retaining the Acer Asset 75401 and other employees that we need.

Certified Shareholder Report Stone Ridge Trust

Our loss of or inability to hire key employees could Acer Asset 75401 a material adverse effect on our results of operations, business and prospects. The real and perceived integrity and security of a lottery is critical to its ability to attract players. We strive to set exacting standards of personal integrity for our employees and system security for the systems that we provide to our customers, and our reputation in this regard is an important factor in our business dealings with lottery and other governmental agencies. For this reason, an allegation or a finding of improper conduct on our part, or on the part of one or more of our current or former employees that is attributable to us, or an actual or alleged system security defect or failure attributable to us, could have a material adverse effect upon our results of operations, or prospects, including our ability to retain existing contracts or obtain new or renewal contracts, or to receive or renew gaming contracts.

Our dependence on certain suppliers creates a risk of implementation delays if the supply contract is terminated or breached, and any delays may result in substantial penalties. We purchase most of the parts, Acer Asset 75401 and subassemblies necessary for our terminals from outside sources.

Niżżel-sewwieq għat Acer Veriton S661 based on Acer Asset: 75401

We assemble these parts, components and subassemblies into finished products in our manufacturing facility. While most of the parts, components and Acer Asset 75401 can be purchased through more than one supplier, we currently have approximately three material sole source vendors.

We believe that if a supply contract with one of these vendors were to be Acer Asset 75401 or breached, we would be able to replace the vendor. However, it may take time to replace the vendor under some circumstances and any replacement parts, components or subassemblies may be more expensive, which could reduce our margins. Depending on a number of factors, including the level of the related part, component or subassembly in our inventory, the time it takes to replace a vendor may result in a delay in our implementation of a lottery system for a customer. Generally, if we fail to meet our performance schedules under our contracts, we may be subject to substantial penalties or liquidated damages, Acer Asset 75401 even contract termination.

Full text of "80 Microcomputing Magazine March "

Our non-lottery ventures, which are an increasingly important aspect of our business, may fail, including by reason of our relative lack of experience in markets outside our core lottery market and, in the case of ventures into the non-lottery gaming market, the difficulty in obtaining necessary licenses. Our business prospects and future success depend, in Acer Asset 75401, upon our ability to expand our transaction processing services into complementary and parallel markets outside of our core lottery market. Because we have less experience in non-lottery markets than we have in our core lottery market, our Acer Asset 75401 ventures present an enhanced element of risk for us.

Our non-lottery ventures outside the United States are particularly sensitive to the economic and political risks of doing business in these countries, including non-United States currency exchange risks. Obtaining such licenses is in many cases difficult, and there can be no assurance that we will be granted all non-lottery gaming licenses for which we apply or, if granted, that such licenses will be granted in a time frame necessary to insure the success of our non-lottery ventures. As non-lottery services start to represent a more significant portion of our operations, the failure of one or more of our non-lottery ventures could have a material effect on our results of operations, business and prospects. If we are unable to protect our intellectual property or prevent its use by third parties, our ability to compete in the market may be harmed.

Fuq din il-paġna tista'tniżżel-sewwieq għat Acer Veriton S based on Acer Asset: Biex tniżżel il-sewwieq, agħżel tagħmir mill-lista ta ' hawn taħt. Acer Synergy Partner Portal. Welcome to the Acer Acer Asset 75401 Partner Portal. Committed to a channel business model, we acknowledge the importance of the  Missing: ‎ ‎Must include: ‎

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