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I knew that before Acer KG221Q of course. But a little tweaks here and there and the colors become tolerable. Build quality: No lightbleed but i did see a really really tiny amount of ghosting when i used the freesync demo. But its not even noticeable unless you have the monitor 1 inch form your eyes. As for gaming features black stabilizer ect. I set mine to The brightness in this monitor is really high. The crosshair icon feature i don't use it. If you're a first time freesync user get an hdmi 1.

If doesnt say support 3d it's probably just plain 1. By Kerstin Luther This monitor was a nice step up from my last one This monitor was a nice step up from my last one. The picture quality is nice and the settings are easily accessible. Acer KG221Q


However there is Acer KG221Q dead pixel pretty dead center in the screen and the built in speakers are absolute garbage. Do not rely on them for quality sound, its very quiet and distorted. The stand is really nice and doesn't wobble at all. Definitely worth the price.

By Clara Rolland Great! Works great and haven?


By Its pretty good. The amd freesync is definitely a bonus As a monitor, its pretty good. The amd freesync is definitely a bonus in this case! Acer KG221Q

Mine arrived with damage in the bottom part of the screen near the question, Acer KG221Q thankfully is not obvious. As this is my only screen, i am unwilling to send it back and go without a monitor.

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  • PROVANTAGE: Acer 1AA KGQ bmix " LCD Gaming Monitor
  • Acer KG221Q bmix Black 21.5 TN 1ms (GTG) 75Hz LCD/LED Gaming Monitor, Widescreen FHD 1920x1080
  • Acer KG221Q - LED monitor - Full HD (1080p) - 21.5" Specs & Prices
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  • ACER KG221Q Full HD 21.5" LED Monitor - Black, Black

By Adem Ayverdi Initial impressions Having purchased the bigger brother, a Acer KG221Q, at a brick-and-mortar last week, i kept looking to find a smaller secondary monitor to use for incidentals -- a secondary screen to keep an eye on discord or teamspeak while in game, for example, since i don't have room for large dual displays. I went looking on the acer website to try and find one that was similar in function and appearance. Thus, i found the kgq. Acer KG221Q to find it locally, i opted to order from outletpc.

21.5" Acer KG221Q - Specifications

I've Acer KG221Q had the monitor set up for a couple of days, i can only offer initial impressions: Colors are fairly well replicated an, at x ; images and text are clear and crisp As they should be on a The OSD buttons are located on the bottom bezel, making them easier to access than most designs. This gives the Acer KGQ a slight hint of its gaming-oriented nature but betrayed by the tilt-only adjustment. At least, you can remove this part in favor of VESA mounting which is readily visible on the bulge of the housing. The overall package of the Acer KGQ makes it a cheap Acer KG221Q for dual or triple monitor arrays, but it is severely limited in the connectivity department. The Acer KGQ stays true to its money-saving promise since it already includes a pair of built-in speakers. But even so, we still recommend headsets since each of the drivers only have 1 Watt of power which disables them from providing reasonable quality audio.

The first thing you will notice is that images seem like they are crisper on this monitor thanks to the Acer KG221Q pixel pitch when Acer KG221Q to inchers. The Acer KGQ gave us mixed results when it comes to image qualities which make it more suitable for gaming than office applications.

" Acer KGQ - Specifications

This score is decent for budget TNs, but we recommend IPS panels or other models if color pop matters more to you than what this Acer KG221Q can offer. On the other hand, contrast is surprisingly fantastic since the Acer KGQ can reach a ratio of Acer KG221Q High-end TN panels with more comprehensive gamut coverage even struggle to break Blacks appear rich and satisfying, while grayscale performance is well beyond what we expected. Discover more about Acer KGQ bmix. 1 ms GTG - Twisted Nematic Film (TN Film) - Screen: " Full HD ( x ) 75 Hz - Panel Technology: Twisted. Discover more about Acer KGQ. 1 ms GTG - Twisted Nematic Film (TN Film) - Screen: cm (") Full HD ( x ) 75 Hz - Panel Technology.

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