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ATTO has already released updated drivers to support our Ultra3 host adapters.

These drivers are available on our driver download site. One bank comprising one slot operates at MHz, and the remaining bank comprising two slots operates at MHz. Refer to your G5 documentation to properly identify the location and performance characteristics of these slots for your G5 model. Who do I believe, Adaptec PowerDomain 39160 or my own lying eyes?

Is it really true or a conspiracy to charge mac owners more money for the same card? The PC version seems to work on every platform known to man including each flavor of Linux. Am I to believe that Adaptec has two assembly lines for these cards, one for Mac and one for everyone else? Stephen Kennedy Adaptec PowerDomain 39160, And not even full time.

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And ATTO which everyone claims has great support, also seems to take a lot of time, work, updates, and things aren't peachy in G5-land. I have used XPF 3. Support costs.

Adaptec PowerDomain ASC-39160 SCSI Controller Card with Cables and original box

Big time. The same for SATA. For any PCI card. So if the programmer is out of a job, so what? Have you noticed a significant Adaptec PowerDomain 39160 increase from Panther???

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Meanwhile, back in Tumbleguts land, many things have happened. First things first, earlier in this thread you wanted to know what the OF tweak did - and whether it needed to be reversed if you were going change to an ATTO card. Meaning that it 'tweaks' the nvram where the cards firmware is on the Adaptec card. So, in answer to Adaptec PowerDomain 39160 concerns - if you had decided to go with another branded card - the OF tweak would not be needed to be reversed - as it only effects the Adaptec card. But as I also found out, it is needed and works on earlier G4 macs as well - like my G4 mhz Digital Audio.


See earlier posts on this thread for the link Second thing, Adaptec notes that the Adaptec is bootable from OS X when using "firmware 1. Download from Adaptec site And the third, Adaptec PowerDomain 39160 secret ingredient is using Adaptec driver 1. As bowb4cisco noted - "this is the key Untested, unverified, and that fact that Tiger ships with version 1.

Download - mac OS X driver 1. If you can apply Adaptec PowerDomain 39160 3 things your Adaptec card provided all hardware is okay and termination is set properly will work flawlessly in OS X.


The reason is - I found if a SCSI disk without a system folder didn't have the driver installed, you could copy files to that disk, but not be able to copy from it computer would freeze or endless spining beachball. Adaptec PowerDomain 39160 bit PCI adapter for Power Macintosh provides a M.

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PowerDomain PCI card for Power Macintosh®. Two Ultra SCSI channels for maximum performance. Product Description Technical Specifications.

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