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The back of the box contains information about the motherboard, its embedded CPU and features. The contents of the box are the standard fare, the motherboard itself, driver CD, user manual and a case badge. I was a little disappointed to see that there were no IO connections for the legacy LPT and serial ports included on the motherboard. It isn't a huge deal as most people today would never use ASRock N3150M Motherboard and they can be purchased for next to nothing. It still would have been nice to see included. Now onto the motherboard itself. The NM packs quite a few ASRock N3150M Motherboard for a budget platform. Looking over the documentation however you will discover it in fact operates at x1. My only issue here is the location of the SATA ports, I would have preferred them to be on the lower edge of the board for easier cable management.

  • ASROCK NM Intel Celeron N Microatx Motherboard & Cpu Combo
  • ASRock Industrial > NNUC IPC
  • ASRock > Page Not Found
  • ASROCK N3150M Intel Celeron N3150 Microatx Motherboard & Cpu Combo

On closer inspection you can see that the connections do not go all the way to the end of the slot. It does seem however that additional ASRock N3150M Motherboard is provided to the slot in order to support discrete graphics cards or RAID controllers. More on this later.


All in all, a lot of features for a budget platform. Product installation and setup Installing the ASRock N3150M Motherboard is a very quick and painless exercise. Its small size and simplicity make for a very simple setup. I had no problems at all during installation, once everything was nestled into my testbed all that was left to do was power up and install windows. Installing windows was likewise a simple matter with no additional drivers needed during the installation process. I decided to break down the driver installation process in this review as I have seen numerous forum posts from people confused as to what drivers they need and how to install them. ASRock provides a very simple and intuitive application that makes this process simple and painless. All one need do is navigate to your motherboard product page, select the download page for your OS then download and install "ASRock App Shop" Opening the program you will be greeted with a list of applications.

Click the settings tab at the top of the window and select ASRock N3150M Motherboard server for your region. Failing to do this will result in painfully slow downloads.

Feel free to check them all, except for BIOS updates, if you are unsure what you need as it will not harm your system. Be mindful of updating your BIOS, if you experience a power loss during the BIOS flashing process it could permanently damage your system so if you live in an area with unstable power you may want ASRock N3150M Motherboard avoid updating the BIOS unless absolutely needed.

With all that done the system was ready to thrash Test bed setup and specifications As this is my first motherboard review ASRock N3150M Motherboard do not have numerous systems to test against. For the sake of filling the tables with something other than just the NM I decided to include a Pentium G in the gaming benchmarks.

ASRock N3150M Review

These results were taken from benchmark result databases on the benchmark's official sites. I did not test the J but have validated the results from multiple sources and systems and only chose scores from comparable systems running ASRock N3150M Motherboard dual channel memory mode. Results in grey are for comparison purposes only. Embedded Intel Celeron N Motherboard: Various Storage: Various SSD Synthetics For the synthetic phase of this review I have only used free benchmarks or the free versions of payed ones. Wherever possible I have included links to online results so anyone looking for more in depth info will have access to it.

Geekbench v3 Here ASRock N3150M Motherboard see the N falling a little behind the higher clocked J in single core performance but once we move on to multi-core tests it becomes too close to call. Given that there is very little difference in the actual CPU architecture between the J and the N these results are fairly impressive. Bare in mind the J is a full mhz higher clocked than the N These are not ASRock N3150M Motherboard numbers I expected to see from the N The results in the graph came from the Adata kit as they ended up yielding the best results with the NM. The reason for this is that the Apacer RAM is rated for 1.

UserBenchmark: Asrock NM Compatible Builds

A regular 1. I was surprised to see how small the margin between the CPUs was however. The G is clocked a full 1.


While the N isn't going to win any awards for raw power it does perform very ASRock N3150M Motherboard for its segment. PCMark 8 score I was surprised to see the N actually score higher than the J in the overall score here given the J's higher clock speeds. Again the G illustrates what a desktop part can do with nearly 9 times the TDP. NM.

Intel® Quad-Core Processor N Solid Capacitor design. Supports DDR3/DDR3L memory, 2 DIMM slots.


1 PCIe x16, 2 PCIe x1. Intel Quad-Core Processor N, ASRock N3150M Motherboard Capacitor design, Supports DDR3/DDR3L memory, 2 DIMM slots, 1 PCIe x16, 2 PCIe x1, Graphics Output.

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