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Sorry There was an error emailing this page. For years, the mom-in-law had resisted getting a computer of her own.

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She just doesn't like technology. Everyone knows the old joke about people who are so slow when it comes to using technology that they never managed to set their VCR's clocks.

She can't use a DVD player. Yes, I'm serious. Oh, I know she could do it, but she really doesn't want to in the same way that I really don't want to take class in calligraphy.

Anyone who's ever seen the illegible scribble I use in place of handwriting will understand where I'm coming from. But, despite that, the combination of the allure of solitaire and the Web finally Asus Eee PC 1000 Linux to her, and she wanted a computer to call her own. So, what do you get someone to whom even turning on a computer is a challenge?

Real life Linux: The ASUS Eee PC 1000

Even if that's not the case, I'm using the current Debian 9 and current stable version of Firefox, rather than whatever versions were released in Debian Wheezy. Hard to say which direction this would unfairly favor.

My experience browsing around some modern web sites just now with Firefox is Very sluggish. Admittedly this specific machine is bogged down a bit by the fact that it's a diskless workstation using a slow hard drive over a mbit ethernet connection, and it's only MB of RAM, but still I hope the original poster keeps this in mind and keeps expectations realistic.


This can be a fun machine for emulating classic videogame consoles or playing around with classic roguelike text console based games. Compared to the MSI Wind NB, the horizontal viewing angles were better, and vertically tilting the screen caused only ait of glare. Above the display is a 1.

Asus Netbook - Eee HA - Linux Mint Forums

Despite their location on the bottom of the machine, the speakers delivered strong and solid sound. Streaming music over Slacker was loud enough to fill a small living room. To say it's an improvement over the cramped keyboard found on earlier Eee PCs is an understatement; typing accuracy was quite good.

ASUS N551JMA Qualcomm Atheros BluetoothASUS EEE 1000 H which Ubuntu to use please?
Gateway NV50A Atheros BluetoothRe: ASUS EEE 1000 H which Ubuntu to use please?
HP ENVY x2 11-g019tuSpecifications
Ricoh Aficio MP 2500SPF Multifunction B & W PCL 6

Asus Eee PC 1000 Linux, the keyboard on this particular model was void of the flex that we saw on the H unit we tested earlier. The keyboard is not perfect, however; the right Shift key is awkwardly placed above the right arrow key. The size of the keyboard is a big step up, but we still prefer the feel of the protective-coated keys on the HP Mini-Note. As on the H, the Eee PC 's touchpad is far roomier than previous efforts and has a smooth but textured feel.

The Eee PC also features dedicated left and Asus Eee PC 1000 Linux buttons, but they were tough to press. The touchpad supported double finger scrolling. However, it will not supportmulti-touch controls, such as the ability to zoom on a picture by pinching like other models. The resolution and power-mode buttons are the most interesting: The resolution switcher let us move between xx defaultx which makes the screen taller than its borderAsus Eee PC 1000 Linux x compress, which squashes the image vertically to make everything fit. The Super Hybrid Engine switcher allowed us to cycle quickly through power-saving 1.

ASUS Eee PC (Linux) Review Verdict

We didn't notice any change in performance while switching modes, but you may want to engage this feature just to save battery life. A bigger screen, wider keyboard, and larger solid-state Asus Eee PC 1000 Linux make the Eee PC one of the best to date. But you'll pay a premium for i. Hello! I have an old EeePC that I want to convert to Linux from Windows. I have never used Linux before althouh my son used it and some  Can't get bootable USB to work on Asus Eee H.

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