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But after a bios and graphics driver update, the game ran perfectly. Others have said that the laptop is to shiny and attracts to many fingerprints, but I tend to disagree.

Owning a nice laptop like this is a bit like owning a sports car. You don't hear to many people complaining about how shiny their new car is now do you? Asus N51V

It just needs a few periodic cleans and its fine. One thing that bugs me is Asus N51V loud the touch pads left and right clickers are, but Asus N51V I use a usb mouse, this is not a major set back for me.

  • ASUS N51Vn
  • High-grade Battery for Asus N51V (4400mAh, 6 cells)
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This computer is well worth the thousand dollar price tag. Anyone out their who is searching the internet for a laptop that is small, and very powerful, please look no further. Need you charge Asus N51V battery for 12 hours in the first use? Our batteries are Asus N51V batteries without memory effects. When the laptop battery is fully charged, the charging current will be cut off automatically. Charging for 12 hours is wasting time. How should I use and maintain the battery for Asus N51V Asus N51V properly? Known Issues There seem to be problems while using VMware with version 1.

In case you are affected use version 2. FAQ Could you add support of for?

Eco Gadgets: Asus N51V comes with a Carbon Footprint Certificate

They are broken and I lost more than 2 weeks trying to make it work on the L without success. I was asked to add support for I, I and I but as Asus N51V chips have a completely different architecture, which isn't supported by the underlying Linux driver, this is impossible, sorry. Does it work with Snow Leopard or 32 bit kernels?


No and I have no plans to make a version for 32 bit kernels or anything older than Asus N51V. WoL from S5 doesn't work with this driver but under Windows it's working.


Is this a driver bug? Recreate the kernel cache.

Open System Preferences Asus N51V delete the corresponding network interface, e. Install the new driver and recreate the kernel cache. I did less than twice a year full deep discharge.

I avoided it, because deep discharge cycles counts more to the lifespan. These are only necessary Asus N51V to reset the battery electronics which tells you accurately the capacity. But is not really need to be accurate - at least not always. As much time is in the middle, will have least damage from cycling.

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Generally speaking, it will not cause any damage without removing battery when you connect the power supply. Because the battery will not be charged anymore after it is fully charged. Oppositely, it will turn to the use of power supply system. Otherwise, it is harmful. Asus sends a pricely attractive all-round notebook into the race with its N51V, which promises good performance values with a Core 2 Duo Asus N51V processor Asus N51V a Geforce GT M graphic card.

Asus N51 Series Reviews -

We have taken the N51Vf, priced at about Euros, which has a Core 2 Duo T and a ‎Review Asus N51V Notebook · ‎Performance · ‎Gaming Performance · ‎Specifications. NVIDIA GeForce GT M. NVIDIA GeForce GT M: The GeForce GT M Asus N51V a higher clocked GeForce M GT with a slightly lower TDP (level of the M GT). Intel Core 2 Duo: This is the Core Duo and Core Solo successor with a longer pipeline and % more speed without more power.

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