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You can also save titles separately, maintaining consistency across your projects.

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As with most other video-editing applications, you have a number of presets and templates on offer to help make your BenQ CD 624A run as smoothly as possible. Premiere Elements is no different in this respect, containing a generous range Play clips simultaneously The yellow bar that appears can be moved up and down to shrink or enlarge the clip in the monitor window.

It's sensitive, so don't move it too quickly. BenQ CD 624A chose You can see the numbers near your mouse cursor as you move the bar downwards towards the number you want. Don't worry if it's not exact.

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Go to the main monitor window and use your mouse to move your clip exactly where you want it BenQ CD 624A appear in your final movie. At this point, you can also press the play button to see your clip running in its new small format.


Where it differs from other applications is in its generosity when it comes to preset effects and transitions. There are bucket loads here and you'll have a fantastic time trying them all out. As we said last month, don't get carried away with resource-intensive special effects. Used effectively they can make or break the atmosphere you're trying to create. They can be the pinnacle of quality and the bane of your overall viewing experience. Use sparingly Adding words What may also seem a little different to you is the complex-looking Timeline, though this should be the least of your worries. It's very simple to use.

You can alter the kind of view you have oftheTimeline by selecting the More button on the top-right of the Timeline box and by choosing small, BenQ CD 624A or large for Track Size.

You can also add extra tracks here. Next to the main counter within your Timeline box, there's a slider that controls the magnification ofyour timeline. You can drag this either left or right to change howthe elements in your timeline are viewed, but you need to start placing things on the timeline before you can see this properly This may sound strange, but Premiere Elements, in some ways, is laid out much better than Premiere Pro. While the BenQ CD 624A application has the vim and vigour to create the most amazing finish to your movies. These simple audio overlay techniques are used in nearly every television programme and, even though it takes some time to master them, you'll soon be L-Cutting and J-Cutting like a pro.

What exactly are these techniques? Imagine you have two clips on your timeline, but you want the audio from the end ofyour first clip to carry on over the beginning ofyour second clip - this is an L-Cut.

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If the audio from the second clip begins before the clip actually starts in other words, the audio for the second clip overlaps the end of the first clipthis isa J-Cut. Imagine a car swerving off a road BenQ CD 624A about to hit a wall. You can cut away before impact to a hospital room, or perhaps the face of the driver as they lay still in their hospital bed.

However, the sound of the BenQ CD 624A hitting the wall carries on into your hospital clip. This is a prime example of dramatic use of an L-Cut. It takes a while to become used to using these techniques, and you have to choose your moments carefully and not overuse the effect.

However, perfect placement and impeccable timing will reap the rewards you're looking for. You want them to eventually appear on-screen together to achieve the 24 look. We're not looking for accuracy here, so don't worry if you're BenQ CD 624A few points off the mark.

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Use your mouse to move the second clip to the opposite corner of the screen, or wherever you like. Press the play button to run both clips simultaneously, which looks very effective. All you need now is that famous 24 tune JULY pcanswers. In this respect, Elements is the perfect tool for the novice user who wants to take things further. Create a sUdeshow Let's look at some of the major differences between what you achieved with VideoWave and what you can do here. Imagine you want to create a slideshow in VideoWave. It's a simple task and it's difficult to do something BenQ CD 624A, as all you have to do is drag still images to your frames and drop them into your project.

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