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Note that only TeraStation models for which this update is valid will be listed.

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Click on the Update button sometimes labelled as Buffalo TS-XEL NAS Firmware. On Japanese versions of the Updater program this is the leftmost button on the main screen. On the next window it will ask for an Admin password.

Buffalo TS-XEL NAS By default the username is: Admin and the password is: The firmware update will take 3 to 5 minutes to complete and while it is running a number of dialogs will be displayed informaing you of progress. If you never get the OK button, or you get a failure or error message, you may want to try the steps below: On the computer that you are doing the firmware update from, make sure that any software firewalls such as Windows Firewall,ZoneAlarm, Black Ice, etc.

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Make sure that your computer is connected to the network with a wired Ethernet connection, not a wireless one. If the firmware update still fails, try a different setup: Change the IP address of your Buffalo TS-XEL NAS to Reset the TeraStation by holding down the Init button for 30 seconds. Buffalo TS-XEL NAS down the TeraStation, then turn it back on.

The steps involved in this are: Click on Start, then select Run. In the run window enter "cmd" and press OK.

This will give you a Command Prompt window. If that happens, something is wrong with your Ethernet connection. Check your Ethernet cable, reset the TeraStation again, and Buffalo TS-XEL NAS sure that there are no firewall programs running on the computer and that includes the Windows XP firewall!

Restart the TeraStation and try pinging again until you get a successful ping. Then go to step 5.

TeraStation ES Buffalo Americas

Rerun the firmware update. Once the update has completed, reconnect your TeraStation and PC to your network. Run the IP Buffalo TS-XEL NAS Utility again and setup your IP address to work with your network You may want to log back into the TeraStation to make sure that the unit is setup the way you want it. After doing the reset, all files and folders will remain but any user or folder restrictions will have to be setup again. Also, any mapping will have to be redone even if you set the unit back to the same IP address. Debug Mode If you are having problems you might want to run the Flash Updater in Debug Mode To do this the first thing you need to do is to check the.


INI that is the same folder as the executable program. You can load it into any text editor such as Notepad.


Check that it includes the following lines: Once you have done this, when you start the program for flashing it will present its initial screen along the lines indicated earlier. If Buffalo TS-XEL NAS now click on the yellow rings at the top left of the screen you are able to select the Debug option which comes up with the following dialog: The default options fora standard flash will be pre-selected. Options you might want to consider altering are: This indicates that the copy of the Linux kernel in Flash should be updated. This indicates Buffalo TS-XEL NAS the main Linux system held on the Hard Disk should be updated.

Do Not Check Version: Do not carry out any firmware version checks. Normally you are only allowed to update to a higher version than that already installed. Setting this option allows one to downgrade versions.

This Clears down all partitions on the disk, and then rebuilds the standard Partition table and formats these partitions. This clears down the user config information that Buffalo TS-XEL NAS stored in flash while the flashing is in progress, and then restored to the hard disk on completion. Please enter the name or product code of your device. Search for: Buffalo Technology Logo Buffalo TS-XEL NAS Finder · Products NAS Systems Other Storage Solutions.


: Buffalo TeraStation ES 4-Bay 12 TB (4 x 3 TB) RAID Network Attached Storage (NAS) - TS-XE12TL/R5: Computers & Accessories.

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