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Because applications rarely request data in the same order that it was written to the platter, long delays would result if the drive had to locate data in the exact order that the HDD receives read requests.

This is analogous to the way an elevator reorders floor requests to minimize travel time and mechanical wear. For example, the recovery HDD in the docking station SATA swappable bay can be removed while the notebook PC is running if an optical drive needs Compaq 620 Notebook Intel Matrix Storage Manager be temporarily inserted into the bay. With hot plug capability, the notebook can be docked and undocked at any time. When using the continuous update policy, data on the primary drive is simultaneously copied to the mirror drive as long as both drives are connected to the system. If you undock the computer while using the docking station recovery drive, all new or revised data on the primary HDD is automatically copied to the recovery HDD when the notebook is re-docked. This policy also allows for an unfinished mirroring operation to be completed if it was interrupted when you undocked the notebook.

After the request, only the new or updated files on the primary drive are copied to the mirror HDD. Prior to updating the mirror HDD, the on-request policy allows a file to be recovered if the corresponding file on the primary HDD is corrupted. The on-request policy can also protect data on the mirror HDD if the primary HDD is attacked by a virus, provided you do not update the mirror HDD after the virus attack.


Compaq 620 Notebook Intel Matrix Storage Manager mirror update policy can be changed at any time by right-clicking Modify Volume Update Policy. In the meantime, the computer can boot from the mirrored HDD. If using the update on request policy and the primary HDD fails or a file on the primary HDD becomes corrupted, all data that is not mirrored is lost. Some versions of Microsoft Windows include the User Account Control feature to improve the security of the notebook.

Refer to Windows Help for more information if prompted for permission or password for specific tasks. The Console opens in Basic mode, displaying the status of the installed drives. After you choose the best RAID level for your application needs, follow the appropriate instructions in one of the following sections. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes to begin the migration, or click No to cancel the migration. The Console and progress windows can be minimized during the migration process in order to continue using the notebook. Migration process The hard drive Compaq 620 Notebook Intel Matrix Storage Manager volume status display after the migration is complete.

HP Notebook PCs - About Intel® Matrix Storage Manager HP® Customer Support

Status window Close the Console window, save any open files, and restart the notebook. Migrating to RAID 0 note: When the confirmation message displays, click Yes to begin the migration, or click No to change to a different RAID volume. Select Yes to restart the system when prompted after the volume creation is complete. Although the total capacity of the RAID 0 volume appears in the Console, the extra capacity created with the addition of the secondary HDD appears as unallocated Compaq 620 Notebook Intel Matrix Storage Manager to the system.

After the system restarts, the unallocated space will need to be allocated. For Microsoft Windows XP, the only option through the operating system is to create and format a separate volume. Select Protect data using Intel Rapid Recover Technology in the left pane, and then click the icon beside Create a recovery volume in the right pane. After the RAID migration is complete, a notification message displays.

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The Console window displays the volume status. Final status window showing volume status It is recommended that you restart the computer after the RAID volume is created.

Драйвера HP Compaq 620

Intel Matrix Storage Console advanced features This optional configuration procedure is an advanced option. The left pane, also called the device pane, shows the logical and physical views of the available drives. Compaq 620 Notebook Intel Matrix Storage Manager mode - Actions menu Selecting one of the Action options opens the Create Recovery Volume Wizard, allowing for selection of the primary master drive and the secondary recovery drive. Select Help, Contents and Index for more information. Continuous Updates is the default update policy.

The steps to change the update policy to on-request are listed below. Select Modify Volume Update in the left pane.

The current update policy is displayed in the right pane. Update policy Select the icon beside Disable Continuous Updates in the right pane. The on-request update policy displays in Basic mode. A basic how-to guide to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. The RST driver, which is the new Intel NOTE: If your HP Notebook currently uses the Intel Matrix Storage Compaq Notebook PC.

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