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A microprocessor is connected to a non-volatile memory that can store user configuration data, e.

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A plurality of power control relays and sensors respond to various control signals issued by the microprocessor and are dependent on the user HP 2000-210US Power Manager data. For example, a SHOW display screen on the terminal graphically displays all user configuration choices in the memory Alternatively, the user configuration can be transferred in a file over a data modem pair to a remote terminal The file may also be uploaded or downloaded from a disk An off-line editor allows the user configuration file to be created, uploaded-modified, and downloaded. For example, where many power management systems are being installed or maintained, the user configuration file corresponding to each can be individually customized by the editor Such could save a great deal of time, effort, and expense.

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HP 2000-210US Power Manager one commercial embodiment of the present invention, a first power controller board is daisy-chain connected through a serial cable to a second power controller board In turn, the second power controller board is connected through a serial cable HP 2000-210US Power Manager a third power controller board All three power controller boards can communicate with a user terminal connected by a cablebut such communication must pass through the top power controller board first. Alternatively, the user terminal can be replaced by an IP-address interface that will provide a webpresence and interactive webpages.

If then connected to the Internet, ordinary browsers can be used to upload and download user configurations. Each power controller board is preferably identical in its hardware and software construction, and yet the one placed at the top of the serial daisy-daisy-chain is able to detect that situation and take on a unique role as gateway. HP 2000-210US Power Manager power controller board is similar to power controller FIG. Each power controller board communicates with the others to coordinate actions. Each power controller board independently stores user configuration data for each of its power control ports. A typical implementation will have four relay-operated power control ports.

Part of the user HP 2000-210US Power Manager can include a user-assigned name for each control port. A resynchronization program is executed in each microprocessor of each power controller board, andthat detects where in the order of the daisy-chain that the particular power controller board is preferably located.

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The appropriate main program control loop is selected from a collection of firmware programs that are copied to every power controller board. In such way, power controller boards may be freely added, replaced, or removed, and the resulting group will resynchronize itself with whatever is present. The top power controller board uniquely handles interactive user log-in, user-name tables, its private port names, and transfer acknowledgements from the other power controller boards. All the other power controller boards concern themselves only with their private resources, e. During a HP 2000-210US Power Manager configuration file upload, power controller board begins a complete message for all the power controller boards in the string with the user-table.

Such is followed by the first outlets configuration block from power controller boardand the other outlet configuration blocks from power controller boards and The power controller board tells each when to chime in. Each block carries a checksum so transmission errors can be detected. Each block HP 2000-210US Power Manager with a header that identifies the source or destination, then the data, then the checksum.

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During a user HP 2000-210US Power Manager file download, power controller board receives a command from a user that says a configuration file is next. The user-name table and the serial-name table is received by power controller board along with its private outlets configuration block and checksum. The next section is steered to power controller board and it receives its outlets configuration block and checksum. HP 2000-210US Power Manager good, an acknowledgement is sent to the top power controller board The power controller boards further down the string do the same until the whole download has been received. If all power controller boards returned an acknowledgement, the power controller board acknowledges the whole download. Operation then commences with the configuration.

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Otherwise a fault is generated and the old configuration is retained. A socket is provided for a two M-bit flash memory device that will ultimately store the user configuration data.

A PIC-microcontrollere. PIC16F84A device, talks with a temperature sensor, controls serial communication data rates, and secures the flash memory in socket It HP 2000-210US Power Manager is responsible for LED blink synchronization amongst the power controller boards. A three-terminal regulator provides operating power for the digital logic.


HP 2000-210US Power Manager pair of analog matrix devices ande. A set of four RJ type connectors respectively connect to four power-control relay boards see FIG. A set of two-wire connectors can be used to forewarn each network appliance that its utility power is about to be interrupted, e. Such PIC-microcontroller preferably includes a code protection bit that can be permanently set to make its internal program code unreadable. Such then allows the PIC-microcontroller to act as a tamper-protection device for the whole PCBand especially for the HP 2000-210US Power Manager code and data executing and passing through CPU from the flash memory.

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