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Rockbox iriver H/ Daily Builds

Move the joystick to the left so that the 'Yes' button is ticked iRiver H300 Rockbox press the joystick button again It should now say 'Firmware Upgrading IRiver H300 Rockbox not touch the player during this process! The player will switch itself off when it has completed the upgrade. Once this is completed, when you now start your player up you should initially see a screen saying 'Rockbox Bootloader' at the top before the normal Iriver boot screen appears. You have now successfully installed the bootloader and are ready to install Rockbox itself. As explained above, we cannot distribute the bootloader directly, and thus need to patch a compatible version of the Iriver firmware, which can be downloaded as described above.

Download the firmware patcher fwpatcher.


The firmware patcher contains Unicode support, which is not supported by all versions of Windows. IRiver H300 Rockbox you have difficulty with the firmware patcher, try downloading the alternate firmware patcher fwpatchernu. Go to your desktop and double-click on the firmware patcher. In the firmware patcher dialog box, click on the Browse button and navigate to the. The firmware patcher will patch the original firmware to include the Rockbox bootloader.

Before iRiver H300 Rockbox further, make sure that your player has a full charge or that it is connected to the power adapter. Interrupting the next step due to a power failure most likely will brick your player.

To do this, turn the jukebox on. Select Yes when asked to confirm if you want to upgrade the firmware. The Iriver will display a message indicating that the firmware update is in progress. Do not interrupt this iRiver H300 Rockbox.

When the firmware update is complete the player will turn itself off. The update firmware process usually takes a minute or so. You are now ready to go.

Voice files allow Rockbox to speak the user interface to you. Rockbox Utility can install an English voice file, or you can download iRiver H300 Rockbox from http: Rockbox Utility can also aid you in the creation of voice files with different iRiver H300 Rockbox or in other languages if you have a suitable speech engine installed on your computer. Voice menus are enabled by default and will come into effect after a reboot.


Rockbox Utility can also aid in the production of talk files, which allow Rockbox to speak file and folder names. You can also update Rockbox manually — download a Rockbox build as detailed above, and unzip the build to the root iRiver H300 Rockbox of your player as in the manual installation stage.

The new build will be installed over your current build. The bootloader only changes rarely, and should not normally need to be updated. If you use Rockbox Utility be aware that it cannot detect manually installed components. iRiver H300 Rockbox

The Rockbox bootloader allows you to choose between Rockbox and the original firmware. If you installed Rockbox manually you can still use IRiver H300 Rockbox Utility for uninstallation but will not be able to do this selectively.

Rockbox iriver H320/340 Daily Builds

Rockbox Utility cannot uninstall the bootloader due to the fact that it requires iRiver H300 Rockbox flashing procedure. To uninstall the bootloader completely follow the manual uninstallation instructions below. Be aware that doing so will also remove the bootloader USB mode. Turned on the H3x0. Attached the unit to your computer.

Copied over all of the Rockbox files including the HHEX file. Waited until everything's been written  ‎Installation Notes for Blind · ‎Rockbox Status. I've installed Rockbox, but I want to use the iriver firmware. Rockbox supports the H and H and H10 series, iRiver H300 Rockbox development has begun on the iFP  ‎I've installed Rockbox, but I · ‎Can I modify the images in.

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