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I have played the CUP2 model many times Kurzweil CUP-2 personally do not like its key action because of that reason and was hoping for a much better experience. There is no way to change that deficiency in the CUP2 other than changing the electronic key touch sensitivity, but that Kurzweil CUP-2 not solve the issue.

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Even though the Fatar key action company makes some good, enjoyable key actions to play Kurzweil CUP-2 are in a variety of digital piano brands, this is not one of them. Whether it is an installation issue with this action or the action is this way before its installed into the Kurzweil CUP2 cabinet, I wouldn't know.

But it doesn't feel good to me and is not like any good acoustic piano I have ever played. Kurzweil CUP2 white With regard to the piano sound volume coming out of the cabinet, although the internal speaker system is big and loud when it needs to Kurzweil CUP-2 and I do like it that way, the piano bass section comes off way too boomy and bassy as compared to the piano treble section of the piano.


In other words, the left hand can easily overpower the right hand if you are Kurzweil CUP-2 careful Kurzweil CUP-2 you play and there is no way to really adjust that volume balance issue between right and left hand as far as I know. This may be due in part to lesser quality Kurzweil key sensors under each key or other reasons, I just don't know.

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But I do know I don't like it much, however, the actual piano sound itself despite the deficiencies is enjoyable overall. It's just that the issues with polyphony, sluggish key action based of my Kurzweil CUP-2 experience with thempoor damper pedal realism, and uneven relative volume balance from left to right leaves me very disappointed because this instrument could Kurzweil CUP-2 been awesome.

I have done a review of those models and you can find them at the following links: But that little drawer control panel can also be a bit frustrating to use because the controls and buttons are not in front of you above the keys for quick selection. Personally, I prefer all controls, buttons, display screen, etc above the keys within Kurzweil CUP-2 reach and access. But the biggest thing that I absolutely do like are all the NON-acoustic piano sounds including electric pianos, strings, choirs, brass, synthesizers, guitars, organs, etc.

When it comes to those sounds, well Kurzweil has always been known for its ability to produce full, resonant sounding instrumental sounds and the CUP2 Kurzweil CUP-2 not disappoint in that way. Big, lush, and beautiful tones.

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In fact when I play on Kurzweil CUP-2 stiff key action, it's not as much an issue when playing those sounds because your not playing in a regular acoustic piano style which would need a better action. However, a better more realistic easier to play key action would make playing the other sounds much more enjoyable.

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CUP2 rosewood If and when Kurzweil comes out with a new model that replaces the CUP2 it's been out for awhile now and they address the issues I mentioned and add some new useful features like some of their big competitors have, then they may have a great product which can stand up to those competitors The Next Generation of Custom Sound Chip Technology Kurzweil's next generation custom chip technology offers a range of deep expression and spectacular sound unlike any other. Realistic Orchestral Instrument Sounds Kurzweil has captured and recreated with exceptional control, the responsiveness and dynamic range of a wide selection of orchestral instruments.

CUP-2 Overview Product Brochure The Compact Upright, CUP-2, the latest addition to Kurzweil's growing family of home digital pianos, offers a contradiction that most players will surely welcome; a top of the line, powerful sound system Kurzweil CUP-2 what seems to be an impossibly small, discreet enclosure.

Using the same chip technology as our acclaimed PC3 Seriesthe CUP-2 brings professional studio sound quality into your home. The CUP-2's 88 onboard sounds have been taken directly from the PC3, and represent the best of nearly two decades of Kurzweil sound design and engineering Sound Program List available for download here. The famous Kurzweil Triple Strike Grand Piano is front and center with a dedicated Grand Piano buttonbut the CUP-2 also provides world-class sounds Kurzweil CUP-2 every category; rich strings and orchestral sounds, realistic electric pianos, drums, basses, guitars and synthesized sounds.

While the CUP-2 leaves a very small footprint in Kurzweil CUP-2 room, it can also fill any Kurzweil CUP-2, great or small, with spectacular concert hall sound quality with its watt bi-amped speaker system, the same system used in our top of the line X-Pro Upright. All specifications subject to change without notice.

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Spotlight Features Loading Today recording electric piano: The Kurzweil Kurzweil CUP-2 ready for the next Abel Pintos show. The Compact Upright, CUP-2, the latest addition to Kurzweil's growing family of home digital Kurzweil CUP-2, offers a contradiction that most players will surely welcome. CUP-2 User Manual - MB Primary owner's manual .pdf) CUP-2 User Manual Addendum - KB Addresses feature.

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