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Or Continue Reading Below Design The dual-core ThinkPad Xe has the same exact same 3. That means a lightweight minimalist design. If you're a ThinkPad fan, you'll appreciate the simple black or red plastic lid that opens to reveal a island keyboard, clean black palm rest, and plain touchpad. There are few status lights and only one button for power, but there's no need for bling in this highly functional design. The only real blemish is the rather large bulge provided by the system's six-cell battery. Heat Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor performing simple tasks like surfing the web or circling the globe in Google Earth, the ThinkPad Xe stayed relatively cool. However, if you plan to play video or games, watch out. After streaming a Hulu video at full screen for 15 minutes, the notebook's touchpad reached a steamy degrees Fahrenheit, its keyboard a sizzling degrees, and its bottom measured a whopping degrees.

We consider temperatures above 95 to be uncomfortable and above unacceptable.


The good news is that the Xe stays relatively cool when not being taxed by video or games, and its soft plastic surface doesn't feel as warm as some of Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor metal notebooks we've tested. Keyboard and Touchpad The island-style keyboard is a smaller version of those found on the ThinkPad Edge series and nearly as comfortable. Using the Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor test we were able to achieve a strong rate Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor 86 words per minute with a low 1-percent error rate.

That's quite a bit higher than our typical 80 wpm rate. However, we did find ourselves wishing the palm rest was just a bit longer because our wrists hung off Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor it slightly. However, the soft plastic surface of the palm rest didn't chafe our wrists like the rough plastic on the ThinkPad X series. Both navigation methods provided extremely accurate navigation.

However, the touchpad didn't always respond to supported multitouch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom. The mouse buttons were a little noisy, but offered Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor tactile feedback without feeling stiff. Display and Sound The Viewing angles were strong at up to 45 degrees to the left and right, though video colors began to wash out any further than that.

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e laptop monitor drivers

The ThinkPad Xe was more than powerful enough to play any video we threw at it with great accuracy. We were able to stream a p episode of Fringe and play both p and p WMV files from Microsoft's HD Showcase without the slightest hint of noise, pixelation, or jerkiness. Despite its diminutive size, the Xe can substitute for your stereo in a pinch. Its speaker bar, located under the front lip of the chassis, delivered reasonably accurate fidelity both when we listened to "Fresh" by Devo, a pop tune, and a jazz standard, "Morning Dance" by Spyro Gyra. Two thirds of maximum volume was loud enough to fill an entire living Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor.

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e (Dual Core AMD) Review

However, when we turned the volume up to percent, the music became painfully tinny. On its right side are a 4-in-1 memory card reader, USB port, and Kensington lock slot.


The back side houses a VGA-out port. The webcam produced sharp, clear images even in incredibly low light. Even when conducting a Skype call from our dark living room, fine details such as the folds in our fingers Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor clearly visible, and motion was perfectly smooth.

Lenovo ThinkPad Xe (Dual Core AMD)

Performance The ThinkPad Xe's combination of a 1. On PCMark Vantage, a benchmark that measures overall system performance, our dual-core Xe scored 2, which is 50 percent better than the single-core Xe 1,but still behind Intel Pentium powered systems like the Timeline TZ 2, and Lenovo IdeaPad U 2, Both the Xe and its direct competitors trailed the ultraportable category average of 3, but, to be fair, the ultraportable category also includes a number of powerful and expensive Core i5 and Core i7 systems. The Xe's 5,rpm, GB hard drive booted into Windows 7 Professional bit in a reasonable 48 seconds.

That's a good 20 percent below the category average of That's only 10 seconds behind the category average of 2: On 3DMark06, a benchmark that measures overall graphics prowess, the system scored a solid 1, which was nearly identical to the single-core Xe 1, and the category average 1,but nearly double the Intel-powered IdeaPad U Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor Aspire Timeline TZ The Xe was able to achieve a somewhat playable frame rate of 28 frames per second when we played World of Warcraft at x resolution and effects set to default. However, when we upped the resolution to x and turned up the special effects, that rate dropped to an unplayable 8 fps. Surprisingly, the single core Xe got an even better 39 fps at x and a similar 7 fps at the higher resolution.

However, with the resolution set to native and effects set to Low, we did see a very playable 60 fps. Battery Life and Wi-Fi AMD-powered notebooks have long held a Lenovo ThinkPad X100e Monitor for getting worse battery life than their Intel-equipped counterparts. Lenovo THINKPAD XE RF REPLACEMENT LAPTOP LCD SCREENS FROM $ Make sure that new replacement screen has same SIZE.


Lenovo THINKPAD XE REPLACEMENT LAPTOP LCD SCREENS FROM $ Make sure that new replacement screen has same SIZE.

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