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Each chapter describes one of the software applications. It can help you to operate easily when you use the advanced software applications designed by MSI. Control Center - this chapter describes Control Center overview, how to moni- tor your mainboard hardware, read CPU, memory information MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup use Control Center to overclock the system.

Drivers FREE! for MSI AMD Platform - Socket AM3 Motherboards

Audio Genie - this chapter describes how to install and use Audio Genie. Network Genie - this chapter describes system requirement of Network Genie, how to select network mode and set applications MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup.

Teaming Genie - this chapter describes system requirement of Teaming Genie, how to install Teaming Genie, Teaming Genie overview, Team mode and how to create a team. Live Update 5 - this chapter describes Live Update 5 overview, and how to update your system. EasyViewer - this chapter describes functions of Easy Viwer, and how to enable the 3D effect. MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup the help of Control Cen- ter, making it possible to achieve easier and efficient monitoring process and adjustments than that under BIOS.

You can click the tab to switch the control panel.


Important The pictures in this guide MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup for reference only and may vary from the product you pur- chased. Please refer to the actual screens of your system for detailed information. Besides, Green Power can automatically manage your power configuration, resulting in more efficient power usage and acoustic noise reduction. You can monitor the power supply status, system temperature and adjust the fan speed under this panel.


If MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup mainboard with Dr. MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup, this screen will dis- play the status of Dr. Mainboard Information Mainboard information block is under the Overclock tab. You can refer to the model name, chipset, and BIOS version of each item to be informed to the hardware status at all time. You can read the information of model and frequency.

You can read the information of each memory DIMM slot, including memory type, manufacturer and speed. You can select a DIMM slot you want MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup read by clicking slot button. That is to say, you can set an overclocking environment in advance, which avoids unnecessary risks and time-consuming manual adjustment on endless testing.

MSI 970A-G46 manual

You can just enjoy the fast and convenient overclocking effect or make more adjustments based on your need. In addition, you are able to adjust memory voltage and even memory reference voltages.

The fan speed is also adjustable to meet your power saving or performance demand. Every MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup you shut down the system, the configured set- ting will be restored to the factory default. Important Every time you shut down the MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup, the configured setting will be restored to the factory default. When prompted to reboot your computer, click OK to reboot.

MSI 970A-G46 ASMedia USB 3.0 Driver

You may refer to the following pictures. Notification A good CPU cooler is suggested when users have to overclock manually, the key to overclocking through Control Center MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup to increase the smallest increments allowable on related items. GPU Ratio button in Advanced window, otherwise it will be dynamically adjusted.

It is minimized to the system tray instead of MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup taskbar. If you want to close it, right click icon on the system tray and then click Exit.

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MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup In another words, you can gain a quad-core or hex-core CPU. You can use some burn-in programs or Benchmark to test the stability of the unlocked CPU.

Dimond SUPRA MAX 56i (SUP2751)Gaming Mouse
HP 2000-425NR Connection ManagerSupport For 970A-G46

You can change the CPU fan and system fan speed as well to get a good balance between performance and power sav- ing. Green Power Mode There are two preset mode for fan control. A warning pop-up message will appear when the CPU temperature reaches 75 degrees. NVIDIA SLI. MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup technology allows using multiple Nvidia graphics cards in a single computer system with a motherboard equipped with an nForce SLI g: HDDBackup. Socket; CPU (Max Support); Baseclock/Hyper Transport; Chipset; DDR3 Memory; Memory Channel; DIMM MSI 970A-G46 HDDBackup Max Memory (GB); PCI-E x16; PCI-E Gen  Missing: HDDBackup.

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