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Valid, Not Full dmidecode: Supported Log Type Descriptors: POST results bitmap dmidecode: System limit exceeded dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type 16, 15 bytes dmidecode: Physical Memory Array dmidecode: System Board Or Motherboard dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type 17, 23 bytes dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type23 bytes dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type 19, 15 bytes dmidecode: Memory Array Mapped Address dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type 20, 19 bytes dmidecode: Memory Device Mapped Address dmidecode: Memory Array Mapped Address Handle: Handle 0x, DMI type 24, 5 bytes dmidecode: Front Panel Reset Status: Handle 0x, DMI type 25, 9 bytes dmidecode: System Power Controls dmidecode: Handle 0x1B00, DMI type 27, 12 bytes dmidecode: Handle 0x1F00, DMI type 31, NEC DV-5800C P-ATA bytes dmidecode: Boot Integrity Services Entry Point dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type 32, 11 bytes dmidecode: System Boot Information dmidecode: No errors detected dmidecode: Handle 0x, DMI type8 bytes dmidecode: Handle 0xD, DMI type10 bytes dmidecode: D0 0A 00 D0 01 03 FE 00 51 01 dmidecode: Handle 0xD, DMI type12 bytes dmidecode: D1 0C 00 D1 78 03 07 03 04 0F 80 05 dmidecode: D2 0C 00 D2 F8 03 04 03 06 80 04 05 dmidecode: Handle 0xD, DMI typebytes dmidecode: FF FF 00 00 00 dmidecode: Handle 0xD, DMI type9 bytes dmidecode: D8 09 00 D8 01 02 01 F0 03 dmidecode: Handle 0x7F00, DMI type4 bytes dmidecode: End Of Table dmidecode: Input devices support Package: ACPI support modules Package: Verify the cd contents Installer-Menu-Item: Debian installer main menu Package: Execute a shell Installer-Menu-Item: USB serial drivers Package: Miscellaneous utilities for the debian installer Package: Skeleton root filesystem used by debian-installer Package: Firmware request modules Package: Frame buffer support Package: Access software for a blind person using a soft braille terminal Package: Discover USB and load kernel modules Package: Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extensions Package: Free Download NEC DVC P-ATA Firmware D9S3_Win (Firmware) The DVD and CD drive DV allows even you to come face to.

NEC DVC P-ATA Firmware D9S3_Win, NEC DV P-ATA Firmware

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