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Cyberhome DVD CH,Repair These are not bad units, although the power supply has been a weak spot they are about on par with other inexpensive imported players. However, before purchasing one you should take into consideration that Cyberhome is now out of business! These units should always be unplugged when not in use to conserve the power supply because some owners report Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder a life as short as 3 months.

Just because the power supply is repaired is no guarantee the player will work without problems though. It can have other problems as shown below.

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You can use larger values and higher voltages but it's hard to find any small enough to fit unless you lay then on their side with the leads bent at an angle. Alternately L4 can be removed and mounted on the bottom of the board to make room for larger capacitors. There is room underneath for L4 since the board is mounted on spacers if the leads are bent about 45 degrees which also make soldering underneath it easier. If units with C Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder are not available a lower temperature may be used.

The output voltages can be measured by Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder the negative lead of a DVM anywhere to the chassis and sticking the positive probe into the top of the connector at CN2 Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder the probe touches the pin inside the connector. Do not disconnect the power cable, the voltage must be measured while the load is connected to the power supply and the unit turned on. If voltage regulation is unusually bad and the 5 volts is low and goes up and down when you operate the player, open and close the drawer etc.


By the way, the loader or player mechanism used in the S, Z and ZS seems unable to survive Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder power supply failure. Removing the Power Supply for Repair If the power supply voltages are not correct the board should be removed and sent in for repair. First, unplug the AC power cord. Then disconnect the front cable by gripping the wires firmly and pulling up. You may have to rock back and forth slightly Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder get the connector to come free.

To remove the connector for AC power at the rear be sure and squeeze the plastic tab to unlatch the housing before pulling up. Then take out the 2 screws and squeeze the 2 plastic tabs one at a time with needle nose pliers while gently lifting up to dislodge the board. If your unit has a 5 volt output that measures less Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder 5 volts such as 4.

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There is a layout error on the pc board that had the sensor for the regulator connected to the rectifier diode Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder before the voltage is filtered, causing bad regulation. The sensor should be connected to the output where the load is attached after the voltage is filtered and smoothed by C11 and L4 for the regulator to work properly. On the bottom of the board cut the trace at the narrow point between R7 and the right pin of L4 that goes to D8 with an X-Acto knife or Dremel tool as shown in the photo.

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Then scrape off an area of the green coating about mm square right above R7 and tin it with solder for a connection. Solder a piece of wire from the 5 volt output pin of CN2 to the new connection point you just made.

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A piece of the lead from one of the new capacitors installed at C10 or C11 will work for that. It's probably not necessary but if the voltage is still less than 5.

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If R8 makes the 5 volt output too high, use a resistor value higher than K to get less voltage and a lower value like Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder to make the voltage go higher but don't go higher than 5. If the voltage is still too low check the voltage on pin 1 of U3 where the right end of the K resistor is connected in the Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder which should be 2. These cannot be repaired at this time because IC1, the L regulator IC is not available in small quantities.

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For repair information see Bullfrog's website in the U. Other Problems with CH The CH is sold in several different models that look similar but have different internal parts.


The CH using the Ali M chip with the solid black plastic loader Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder and Pangu power supply tends to have capacitor failures within months. Also the ribbon cable connecting the laser carriage will break at the ends with heavy usage. The loader will usually survive a power supply failure and continue to work until something else goes wrong. If the tray won't open or the spindle motor won't run the voltage from the power supply may be too low or the driver IC in the upper right corner Philips DVDR985A99 DVD Recorder the pc board under the loader right above the hole may be burned out.

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