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Qsync provides multiple ways of file synchronization and group file sharing, greatly enhancing the flexibility of team projects and collaboration. Qsync A private cloud without constraints In contrast to the limited storage space and security concerns of public cloud services, the TS Pro is advantageous for establishing a secure and large-capacity private cloud. You can easily get access to the TS Pro, instantly share multimedia contents and check the system status via the Internet whether you are on the bus or in a coffee shop. Disaster recovery solutions bring peace of mind The TS Pro offers various data recovery options. The TS Pro also supports rsync protocol to back up QNAP TS-669Pro TurboNAS QTS to remote servers on a scheduled basis.

QNAP Releases QTS Firmware Update for Shellshock Vulnerability

High security In an open network environment, business data may be exposed in a potential hack. The TS Pro provides numerous security options, such as encrypted access, IP blocking, and QNAP TS-669Pro TurboNAS QTS protective features. IT administrators can also control the access rights of each user to different folders, preventing unauthorized access to important files.

Enter the encryption password to download the encryption key file. With this option, the encryption key can be saved as a file. The file is also encrypted and can be QNAP TS-669Pro TurboNAS QTS to unlock a volume, without knowing the real password see "Locking and unlocking disk volumes manually" below. Please save the encryption key file in a secure place!

QNAP Releases QTS Firmware Update for Shellshock Vulnerability

Save the encryption key on the NAS to automatically unlock and mount the encrypted disk volume after the NAS restarts. Locking and unlocking disk volumes manually To lock a volume, login the NAS as an administrator.

3Com EtherLink PCI Combo Nic 3C900-ComboTS-669 Pro
Biostar TA880GB+ Renesas USB 2.0Applications

Choose either to enter the encryption password, or use the encryption key file exported previously. If the encryption password or the key file is correct, the volume will be unlocked and become available. Verifying encrypted disk volumes To verify that a disk volume is encrypted, login the NAS as an administrator. The encrypted disk volume will be shown on this QNAP TS-669Pro TurboNAS QTS, with a lock icon under "Status".

TS Pro - Features - QNAP

The lock will be shown as opened if the encrypted volume is unlocked. A disk volume without the lock icon under "Status" is not encrypted. Behaviors of encrypted volumes upon system reboot An example is provided to illustrate the behavior of encrypted volumes upon system reboot.

In this example, there are two encrypted disk volumes on the NAS: For details on enabling or disabling QNAP TS-669Pro TurboNAS QTS "Save Encryption Key" option, please refer to the section on Encryption Key Management above. After restarting the NAS, check the volume status.

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DataVol1 is locked, but DataVol2 is unlocked and mounted. Since the encryption key is not saved on DataVol1, the encryption password needs to be manually entered to unlock DataVol1.

The Qmanager app is useful for remotely monitoring and controlling the Turbo NAS system status, services, downloading and backup tasks at anytime, anywhere. Integrated multimedia entertainment The Turbo NAS provides versatile multimedia applications and acts as a media hub at home. The rich applications make it easy and convenient to collect, manage and share large collections of photos, music, and videos, enriching home entertainment. Besides, data deduplication technology, snapshot and snapshot replication are in the pipeline for late QNAP TS-669Pro TurboNAS QTS The official QTS 4.

Users can use their Windows AD or LDAP server account and password to log into the Turbo NAS. The TS Pro can also serve as an LDAP server.

“The launch of QTS alongside the Turbo NAS TS-x20 and x21 TSL, TS Pro, TS Pro, TS Pro, TS Pro, TS Pro.

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