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Otherwise, the A25 is an intuitive player, it only took me about a minute to figure out the controls and UI. Whilst the majority of the build is plastic, the entire front face is metal and the A25 actually feels very nice in the hand.

Sony NW-A25HN review

The rear has a nice soft touch finish whilst the front carries a subtle concentric texture that radiates in the light. Other than that, the build is solid and ergonomic, the A25 is easily used with one hand. The screen quality is also pretty decent considering that the player is Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player towards audio playback. Of course, the small screen is not ideal for watching videos but will do in a pinch, album art looks nice and crisp and text is plenty sharp. Wallpapers can be changed from the in-built photos app, adding just a touch of personalization to the player. Instead of a click-wheel, Sony have implemented a diamond rocker which functions mostly identical but takes some time getting used to.

Otherwise, there are the usual back and option buttons which function well, even if they feel a little stiff and holding these buttons down allows for some shortcuts around the UI; holding back returns you to the home screen whilst holding the option button powers the player off. Of note, the A25 never really powers off, it just goes Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player a sleep mode. The player wakes very quickly when any button is pressed and barely drains the battery when off.

Sony Nw-a25hn High Resolution Audio 16gb Walkman With Noise Cancelling-

All of these front facing buttons feel a little off, they have very shallow travel and a hard press. The back and option Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player are especially firm and only press in the middle, making them feel mushy when pressed on the side.

The volume buttons on the Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player are nice and clicky, however, and the volume up button also has a little protrusion for easier differentiation. The right side also Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player the hold button prevents accidental button presses in pocket along with the micro sd card slot to augment the 16GB of internal storage. Again, the A25 will not accept remote commands and music does not pause when headphones are disconnected, two small but very aggravating omissions.

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So all in all the A25 has a very nice form factor. The Sony is therefore best for commute, better than the Nano in my experiences, but is on the periphery of what is acceptable for use whilst exercising, where the Nano tends to be a better bet. The UI is very smooth for one even with a large libraryand animations are super slick. Click on images to expand There are a few connectivity options as well such as Bluetooth, which enables you to discover, pair and connect to paired devices. The Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player will automatically choose one for you, but you can manually set which one if you experience stuttering or signal loss with a particular codec.

Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player, the connection process is not ideal, my iPod Nano paired to my earphones about 3x faster.

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Sony include their usual plethora of audio settings and enhancements, some of which are useful, some of which do nothing and some that thoroughly ruin your music Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player. And honestly, if Sony are saying things like: So what it does instead is add just a hint of sparkle to upper treble notes and perhaps a little more clarity to upper mids.


Sony also implement their signature 5 band eQ. There are a few presets along with 2 custom options that the user can set.

The eQ works well, the additional clear bass slider is a great bass boost which adds body to the bass without distortion, though I would have liked to be able to reduce bass as well. In addition, Sony have a feature called clear stereo which Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player said to analyze the right and left channel and accentuate the differences between them, more or less enhancing the soundstage. Whilst it does make a subtle difference, I feel that this setting is best left off too. In daily usage, the UI is perfectly fluid, though it does take some time to reconstruct your library when you copy new songs over to the device.

Stutters are rare and the player does well to keep up with my rapid button presses. I did not experience Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player crashes or freezes, the A25 is every bit as reliable as an iPod. Battery life is about twice as good as my iPod Nano 7G, especially at higher volumes where the A25 will get closer to 3x the battery life. I would rate the software and daily usage experience of the A25 as comparable to an iPod. Sound — So sound is where it all comes together, especially for the Sony which bets so much on its superior sound quality.

The iPods, whilst pretty clean and clear sounding, tend to lose composure with complex tracks; they lack the refinement and detail retrieval of the Sony player, the Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Gen Nano to a lesser extent, but the difference is appreciable. While the NW-A25HN will play videos and show photos, the screen is too small to make either a truly entertaining experience, making this player a music machine first and foremost. Battery life is good. It takes around four hours to get to full charge and playing time is around 30 hours for high-resolution source material.

The NW-A20 Series puts you at the heart of the music you love. MP3 PLAYERS. The included headphones[FN Headphones included only with A25HN.

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Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio Useful solution for Walkman using computer. The Walkman player is not recognized by the computer.


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