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AlazarTech SDK Programmer s Guide. Version May 28, 2010

These lines of code are preceded by TODO comments. Alazar Technologies Inc. A board system is a group of one AlazarTech ATS310 more digitizer boards that share clock and trigger signals. Two or more boards form a board system when they are connected together using an AlazarTech SyncBoard. The API assigns AlazarTech ATS310 system identifier to each board system, where the first board system detected is assigned a system identifier number of 1.


The API assigns a board identifier to each board in a board system. This number uniquely identifies a board within its board system. If a digitizer board AlazarTech ATS310 not connected to any other boards using AlazarTech ATS310 SyncBoard, then the API assigns it a board identifier number of 1.

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If two or more boards are connected together using a SyncBoard, then the API assigns each board a board identifier number that depends on how the board is connected AlazarTech ATS310 the SycnBoard. The board connected to the master slot on the SyncBoard is the master board in the board system, and is assigned a board identifier of 1. The following code fragment lists the system and board identifiers of each board detected by the device drivers.

A system handle is the handle of the master AlazarTech ATS310 in a board system. If a board is not connected to other boards using a SyncBoard, then its board handle is the system handle. If a board is connected to other boards using a SyncBoard, then the board that is connected to the master connector on the SyncBoard is the master board, and its board handle is the system handle Closing a board handle The AlazarTech API maintains a list of board handles in order to support master-slave board systems.


The API creates board handles when it is loaded into memory, and destroys these handles when it is unloaded from memory. An application should not need to close a board handle Using a board handle The API exports a number of functions that return information about a board specified by its handle. AlazarTech ATS310 functions include: Get the number of bits per sample, and on-board memory size in samples per channel. Get a board parameter as a signed bit value. Get a board parameter as an unsigned bit value.

Get a board capability as an unsigned bit value. The API also exports functions that use a board handle to configure a AlazarTech ATS310, arm it to make an acquisition, and transfer sample data from the board to application buffers. These topics are discussed in the following sections. This initialization procedure automatically runs when the API is loaded into memory.


If an application statically links against the API library, the API AlazarTech ATS310 all boards when the application is launched. Note that when an application using the API is launched, all digitizer boards are reset. If one application using the API is running when a second application using the API is launched, configuration settings written by the first application to a board may be lost. If a data transfer between the first application and a board was in progress, data corruption may occur. Its on-board oscillators. A user supplied external clock signal. If necessary, call AlazarSetExternalClockLevel to set the relative external clock input receiver comparator level, in percent. The following code fragment shows how to generate a The gain, coupling, and termination of the amplifier sections should be AlazarTech ATS310 to match the properties of the input signals.

By default, the bandwidth limit filters are disabled. The following code fragment enables the CH A bandwidth limit filter. In this mode, signals are injected directly into the ADC converter driver of an input channel, bypassing its analog amplifier sections. Amplifier bypass mode must be enabled in hardware either through DIP switches on the board, or as a factory option.

Once enabled in hardware, the following AlazarTech ATS310 fragment shows how to configure this option in software. The following table lists the nominal full-scale input range values that may be used to convert sample code values to volts.

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The parameter AlazarTech ATS310 have one of the following values. With its AlazarTech ATS310 signal to noise ratio and robust front-end circuitry, ATS has become a de-facto standard for motor testing applications. ATS has also been. To comment on the documentation for ATS, send e-mail to The latest user manual can be found on the AlazarTech, Inc. web page at.

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