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Rover Explorer EL. Rover Explorer EWH. Samsung M V Samsung P Samsung R Samsung R V Samsung R T Samsung R CV Samsung R TV Samsung R K Samsung Q This requirement to submit information on Aquarius Tersus Series active substances results from the need for all active substances on the market in the EU to be approved in accordance with EU standards, and it is this level of robustness which industry, both EU and non-EU, has indicated may be problematic when applied to all treated articles.

There is concern from industry regarding the Aquarius Tersus Series of complex articles into the EU, and the compliance requirements for their components, as well as concern across the board from industries using preservatives in manufacturing, which may or may not be present in the finished goods. This amendment saw the removal of an unforeseen market freeze affecting new treated articles those not on the market on or before 1st Septemberwhich would have been forced to remain off the market until all relevant active substance evaluations had been completed and approved. Obligations With reference to the example of a cleaning solution treated with an in-can preservative, the obligations under the BPR are reasonably straightforward, especially where no biocidal claims are made on the finished label.

In such a case, the Continued page Aquarius Tersus Series, it can reasonably be expected that such information is likely to be already included on the standard product label. In addition to the label consideration, however, suppliers of treated articles should be aware of the need to respond within 45 days to consumer right-to-know requests regarding the biocidal treatment of the treated article, free of charge. It is important to be prepared for such. The BPR does not specify what sort of information consumers can request; it could be information on whether the item contains a biocide, and if so at what quantities and whether the biocide is harmful.

In cases where a biocidal claim is made on the label of a treated article, e. This labelling requirement can also be imposed upon treated articles containing certain active substances based on the evaluation of the Aquarius Tersus Series substance s.


It is important to note that the label information may need to be provided in multiple languages depending on the EU Member States of marketing. Complex treated articles The latest guidance from the EU seeks, amongst other topics, to clarify the situation concerning complex articles, i. In such cases it is likely that the adhesive would have been treated with a biocidal product, probably a preservative for a specific Aquarius Tersus Series, at some stage in the manufacturing process.

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The use of the adhesive to produce the finished item of footwear may not be with the purpose of passing on the preservative function from the adhesive to the footwear. In this case the treated article provisions would not Aquarius Tersus Series applied to the adhesive.

It should be noted however that any other treatment, either of other components or of the finished item of footwear, which was carried out with the intention of conferring a biocidal property to the footwear as sold would be within the scope of the treated article provisions. Primary biocidal functions A far more complex procedure is in place for the formal authorisation of treated articles deemed to have a primary biocidal function e. Such treated articles are defined under the BPR as biocidal products, and consequently must be authorised in accordance with the requirements for biocidal products. The authorisation procedure involves the submission of a dossier of information on the product, for subsequent evaluation by the ECHA or a chosen EU Member State.

A treated article will generally be considered to have a primary biocidal function if the treated article has one or more function and the biocidal function is Aquarius Tersus Series first rank, importance or value, compared to the other functions.

Free read the complete collection of user manuals and ebooks

Whether the biocidal function is considered to be primary will depend on a number of considerations such as the prominence of the claim in relation. The decision as to the primary function of a treated article will in the end be made on a case-by-case basis, with input from the Member States. Strategies It is clear that the obligations placed on suppliers and importers of treated articles have increased significantly and industries with Aquarius Tersus Series previous biocides concerns now need to consider what steps may be needed to ensure Aquarius Tersus Series.

Industry is advised to adopt a best-practice approach to allow identification of what actions they may need to take, including: This may require communication along the. This will involve ensuring that as Aquarius Tersus Series information as possible is known on each of the treated articles, including those imported into the EU. Coffee machines Chicopee has launched a cleaning towel specifically designed for professional coffee machines. The Chicopee Coffee Towel has heat resistant properties that which allow baristas to clean machines thoroughly in seconds, without risk to their own safety and comfort. The structure also reduces bacteria pick-up, says Chicopee, and the towel can be machine washed many times.

And it is approved for use in food handling environments. Web Trax is a new multifunctional vinyl floor mat from Superior Manufacturing that can be used in a variety of wet applications. The wave pattern design creates a slip-resistant walking surface while the open construction allows for drainage of liquids, further increasing traction on wet and slippery floors.


Made from an industrial grade vinyl compound that is soft enough to be comfortable on bare feet in applications such as changing Aquarius Tersus Series and shower facilities, Web Trax is also resistant to caustic. The PVC material has an antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of fungi or bacteria and is also UV resistant. UK-based Tersus Niteo is a brand new company that has developed the Tech range of professional cleaning products, aimed at the electronic recycling and maintenance markets.

February/March by European Cleaning Journal - Issuu

Re-use is a very important part of the recycling process when it comes to waste electronics, however, in order to resell used electronic items the machines must be re-worked and refurbished to a Aquarius Tersus Series standard. This includes the equipment being cleaned inside and out. Aquarius is an American period crime drama television series created by John McNamara for NBC. The show aired from May 28, to September 10, No. of seasons‎: ‎2. A gritty s cop drama about LAPD detective Sam Hodiak and his trainee, who must deal with gangs, brutal crimes, changing times, family crises and unhinged manipulative small-time crook Charles Manson, who's slowly building his cult.


A newly "retired" Hodiak hunts for the serial Missing: Tersus.

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