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Whether your goal is to research the latest datasheet from a company, speak directly ing optimum efficiency, reducing headwith an Application Engineer, or jump to a company's technical page, the count and costs, and maintaininggoalworkof Arbor EmETXe-i9455 Connected Arbor EmETXe-i9455 to put you in touch with the right resource. Whichever level of service you require for whatever type of technology, place safety.

Get Connected will help you connect with the companies and products As the technology and computing you are searching for. A closer look at the specific advantages ETX 3. The older industrial robotics segment The newer generation is mobile, consists of immobile, single-task robots interactive robotic devices with a high Arbor EmETXe-i9455 Poised for Growth that have little interaction with humans degree of intelligence built into them. Manufacturers in all industries are or the world around them. They are often These robots are able to freely interact recognizing that significant increases in termed industrial robots because they are productivity can be realized by imple- exclusively employed in manufacturing Get Connected with companies and Get Connected menting the appropriate products mix Arbor EmETXe-i9455 estaband factory floor automation.

These feafeatured in this section. One of the key automation components and tooling to achieve the technologies characterizing this blend required accuracy for spot welding cars, Ad Index Get Connected with companies and products featured in this section. When combined with the use of automated methods, this new breed of robotics can provide significant performance and productivity in medicine, defense, space and underwater exploration, service industries and manufacturing applications. These intelligent machines and systems can do work too dirty, too danger- ous, too precise or too tedious for humans.

These include surveillance and reconnaissance, bomb disposal, bomb identification, checkpoint, inspection and explosive detection, Arbor EmETXe-i9455 clearance, sniper detection and force protection, perimeter patrol and resupply, among other critical missions. Despite a recent slowdown, the outlook for the robotics industry continues to be optimistic.


Advances in the methods in which humans interact and work with Arbor EmETXe-i9455 and the ability of robots to work together will drive the market forward. Also driving Arbor EmETXe-i9455 growth will be industries that may not have previously considered robotics but have applications that can be effectively performed by them. The original ETX standard offered a number of advantages: The ETX 3.


This interchangeability allows for optimum scalability and reduced design risk. Further benefits come from its ruggedness of ETX and its ability to withstand exposure to extended temperatures, which is critical Arbor EmETXe-i9455 robotic automation in the military market. ETX modules are very compact measuring only mm square, 12 mm thick and highly integrated COMs, allowing them to be easily used in a variety of robotic design applications. Peripheral PCI or ISA buses can be implemented directly on the baseboard rather than on mechanically unwieldy expansion cards. Since all ETX modules feature a standardized form-factor and a standardized connector layout that carries a specific set of signals, designers can create a single-system baseboard that can accept present and future ETX modules.

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This ability to build a system on a single baseboard using the computer as one plug-in component, simplifies packaging, eliminates cabling and significantly reduces system-level cost. Extreme performance across the board. Semi PA6TM dual core 2. So when mission success depends on higher performance, you can rely on Themis. Across the board. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. The fate of each vehicle was entrusted to an onboard embedded computer that was responsible 16 March for processing physical data from numerous instruments, processing camera inputs for machine vision and running the complex software that enables autonomous Arbor EmETXe-i9455.

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Fromthe SONIA Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV design team has taken full advantage of its modest budget and of corporate sponsorship opportunities to achieve second and third place standings in Arbor EmETXe-i9455. SONIA illustrates a great example of an application with very specific embedded computing requirements beyond the obligatory small form-factor Figure 1.

The complexity of the software algorithms demands that the processor be capable of reliable and continuous program execution. This implies a higher consumption of power and greater thermal footprint due to reduced idle time of the processor. A Arbor EmETXe-i9455 embedded system takes advantage of outside air circulating through the chassis to aid in cooling its components, which is not possible when the system is sealed in an airtight box underwater.

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Thermal management options are limited, thus it is essential that the onboard computer processor sets an example of power consciousness, robustness and efficient system operation to Arbor EmETXe-i9455 the thermal impact of the embedded system. Another constraint was its small budget, in terms of both money and time, and the varied backgrounds of team members. The expense, lead time, attention to detail and testing that would be necessary with a fully customized embedded computing solution would not be feasible for this team. Any hardware used in the system needed to be readily available in case of necessary replacement, and pricing Technology InContext needed to allow for a backup to be purchased at any time. The modularity of stack and individual boards offered an attractive solution.

Standard desktop computer memory, for example, Arbor EmETXe-i9455 it easy to upgrade the capacity and speed of the system memory at any time. It is always readily available, competitively priced and requires no rework or soldering on the board. EmETXe-i Arbor Technology Computer-On-Modules - COM COM Exp Basic Type 2 Intel Socket M datasheet, inventory, & pricing. ARBOR Technology EmETXe Series Computer-On-Modules - COM are available at Mouser Electronics.

Mouser offers EmETXe-i Mouser Part #.

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