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A total network span of m ft is allowed in single-repeater topologies one hub stack per wiring closet with a fiber run to the collapsed backbone.


For example, a m ft fiber link from a repeater to a router or switch, plus a m ft UTP link from a repeater out to the endstations. Full duplex allows packets to be transmitted and received simultaneously and, in effect, doubles the potential throughput of a link. With full duplex, the Ethernet topology rules are the same, but the Fast Ethernet rules are: A 2km ft fiber link is allowed for connecting switch-to-switch, or endstation-to-switch. Safety Information. Before installing or removing any components from the Switch or carrying out any maintenance 3com 0645, you must read the safety information provided in Appendix A of this guide.

3Com 3C16981 Owners Manual SuperStack II Switch 3300 User Guide

Consignes de scurit. Avant d'installer ou d'enlever tout composant du Switch ou 3com 0645 une procdure de maintenance, lisez les informations relatives la scurit qui se trouvent dans l'Appendice A de ce guide. Bevor Sie Komponenten aus dem Switch entfernen oder dem Switch hinzufuegen oder Instandhaltungsarbeiten verrichten, lesen Sie die Sicherheitsanweisungen, die in Appendix A Anhang A in diesem Handbuch aufgefuehrt sind. Alternatively, the Switch can be rack-mounted in a wiring closet or equipment room. A 3com 0645 kit, containing two mounting brackets and six screws, is supplied with the Switch. When deciding where to position the Switch, ensure that: The Switch is accessible and cables can be connected easily.

Cabling is away from: Air-flow is not restricted around the Switch or through the vents in the side of the 3com 0645. We recommend that you provide a minimum of 25mm 1in.

No more than four Switch 3com 0645 are placed on 3com 0645 of one another, if the units are free standing. Rack-mounting The Switch is 1. Disconnect all cables from the Switch before continuing.


Remove all self adhesive pads from the underside of the Switch if they have been fitted. You must use the screws supplied with the mounting brackets. Damage caused to the unit by using incorrect screws invalidates your warranty. Ensure that ventilation holes are 3com 0645 obstructed. If you are placing Switch units one on top of the other, you must use the self-adhesive rubber pads supplied. Apply the pads to the underside of each 3com 0645, sticking one in the marked area at each corner.

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Place the Switch units on top of each other, ensuring that the pads of the upper unit line up with the recesses of the lower unit. You can stack Switch units 3com 0645 in two ways: For this you need a Matrix Cable part number 3C Contact your supplier for details. The Matrix Module provides four ports and allows you to interconnect up to four Switch units using Matrix Cables. To do this: They can be rack-mounted or free-standing; if you choose to have them free-standing, remember to position the rubber feet as detailed in Placing Units On Top of Each Other on page When positioning the units, note that Matrix Cables are 1m 3.

You only need one Matrix Module for each stack.

3com 3csoh0100-tx Driver

To stack up to four 3com 0645 units: You can find instructions for doing this in the documentation that accompanies the Matrix Module. We recommend that for ease of configuration, the Matrix Module should be installed in the bottom Switch of your stack. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. Environmental Statement It is a 3Com policy to be environmentally friendly in all operations. This manual is printed on paper that comes from sustainable, managed European forests. Before you Begin Before you begin installation: Required Equipment This section discusses the 3com 0645 and software requirements for configuring the RAS Dual-end compact screwdriver If your RAS box does not contain all items listed above, contact 3Com Technical Support in your country. Optional You can purchase the following items separately: Components WAN cables: Descargar drivers en 3Com Tarjetas de red.

Para encontrar y baixar drivers en 3Com Tarjetas de red, escoge el modelo de dispositivo para cual Usted desea a descargar. Nowadays even PC technicians use these it is important to keep these network device drivers functioning at all times with software like Driver Genius. 3Com driver. 3Com Network 3com 0645. (Driver Version This self extracting ZIP file will extract to your desktop. This driver is for the newer VSP. Reader Portable Document Format (PDF) or HTML on the 3Com. World Wide Web site: Mexico.



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