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The WEP keys on each device in the wireless network must be identical. The radio button on the left hand side selects the key that is used in transmitting data. Note that all four WEP keys on each device in the wireless network must be identical. Wireless Protected Access using a server to distribute keys to the clients: This option requires that a Radius server is running on 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B network. The information necessary to complete these screens should be obtained from your ISP.

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  • 3Com Network Router 3CRWE754G72-B Owner's Manual download free

First, select the DSL connection mode from the four options available: Re-enter your password in the Retype Password field. This information will have been provided to you by your ISP. If 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B box is not checked, then you will have to manually connect and disconnect using the buttons on the Status Screen see page Enter a value of 0 to disable this timeout. If this box is not checked, then you will have to manually connect and disconnect using the buttons on the Home Screen see page Internet Settings 47 Enter a value of 0 to disable this timeout. Many ISP's do not require you to enter this information into the Router. Routing From these pages you can configure routing parameters. Your Router supports the following routing functionality: For each entry, the following information is displayed: A network address of 0.


To add a static route entry to the 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B, type in the network address, subnet mask 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B gateway, and click Add. To change an entry, click Edit and to delete an entry, click Delete. After you have finished making changes to the table, click Apply.

3COM WLB. SNMP. Page 7

Auto Summarization sends simplified routing data to other RIP-enabled devices rather than full routing data. In all other cases, you should use RIPv2. Enabling Poison Reverse on your 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B allows it to indicate to other RIP-enabled devices that they have both routes that point to each other, preventing data loops. RIP information is not shared between devices whose passwords do not match. You can turn the firewall function off 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B needed.

3COM 3CRWEGA User Manual

Turning off the firewall protection will not leave your network completely vulnerable to hacker 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B, but it is recommended that you turn the firewall on whenever possible. A list of popular applications has been included to choose 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B. Select your application from the drop-down list at the top of the screen.

Select the row that you want to copy the settings to from the drop-down list, select the row you want to copy to, and then click Copy To. The settings will 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B transferred to the row you specified.

3Com 3Crwe754G72 A Owners Manual DUA0075 4aaa01 Rev01

Click Apply to save the setting for that application. If your application 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B not here, you will need to check with the application vendor to determine which ports need to be configured.

You can manually input this port information into the Router. Firewall 53 4 Click Apply. Virtual Servers Figure 41 Virtual Servers Screen This function will allow you to route external Internet calls for services such as a web server port 80FTP server Port 21or other applications through your Router to your internal network. Since your internal computers are protected by a firewall, machines from the Internet cannot get to them because they cannot be 'seen'. 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B you need to configure the Virtual Server function for a specific application, you will need to contact the application vendor 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B find out which port settings you need.

To manually enter settings: Restriction can be set for a single computer, a range of computers, or multiple computers.

This screen allows you to enable or disable all Access Control rules. Select the appropriate Enable Filtering Function radio button, and click Apply to save the 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B. 3com OfficeConnect 3CRWEGB Pdf User Manuals.


View online or download 3com OfficeConnect 3CRWEGB User Manual. The router has a built in ADSL 3Com 3CRWE754G72-B, and will run a local network that is a mix of g, b wireless or Ethernet connected computers. The name Office.


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