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To shift a single bit of data into the shift chain two write operations are required.

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Data is shifted into the shift chain at the falling edge of the bit 1. Reading the shift chain is a destructive read. To preserve the 3Com Modem1807 of the shift chain when reading the chain, the microprocessor first, reads bit 0, then shifts the bit back into the shift chain as described above. The microprocessor must read or write the entire shift chain. The following are the contents of the shift registers:. It is the cable modem's MAC address. 3Com Modem1807 the value of the offset register changes the size of the header. Preamble block size is the size in words of the fixed portion of the upstream preamble that is transmitted before each upstream block.

The preamble block contains cable modem MAC address, sync, and part of the five-byte long all 1 flag.

Preamble initial ONE's size is the size of initial preamble all 1's flag, in words, which is transmitted by the hardware before transmitting the rest of the preamble 3Com Modem1807 the RAM Back off algorithm parameter is a number between 6 to 10 which is determined based on the installation and topology of the network. This parameter will determine efficiency of the back off algorithm. These individual bits signal the hardware state machines to perform their particular tasks.


When they receive the command, the state machines clear these bits. Clearing the bits by the state machines works as sending an acknowledgment to the microprocessor Since register 1 bits are set by the microprocessorno interrupt will be generated when these flags are set. Upstream transmission is a complicated operation of the cable modem and in general is completed in two steps. The first step is the reservation, and the next step is the transmission of the data 3Com Modem1807. Each step also must work with close timing cooperation with the downstream control channel. There are 3 cases of transmitting an upstream packet. Case 1 is when the microprocessor decides to transmit a single data packet through the reservation channel.

In that case the microprocessor must calculate the required number of reservation slots based on MTU and update the reservation structure in the common RAM The UD first transmits the reservation packet through the contention channel and then transmits the data packet through 3Com Modem1807 reservation channel. Case 2 is when the microprocessor decides to group several upstream packets for transmission through the reservation channel. In that case the microprocessor calculates the required number of reservation slots based on MTU, individual, and total length of the upstream packets and updates the reservation packet template in the common RAM When this bit is cleared by the UDit indicates the first packet is being transmitted.

The microprocessor then must prepare the next packet and set the USTR -- NC bit to signal the state machine 3Com Modem1807 the next packet is part of a series of packets participating in reservation scheme and must be transmitted 3Com Modem1807 the beginning of the first available time slot. The microprocessor then monitors and sets USTR -- NC bits for the remaining packets as the previous packet is being transmitted.

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Case 3 is the case the microprocessor decides a packet shorter than MTU must 3Com Modem1807 transmitted over the contention channel. The 3Com Modem1807 machine then transmits that data packet only through the contention channel. This is a convenient way to halt all the actions in the cable modem Having independent bit registers prevents a race condition when microprocessor tries to read and modify a bit while the control circuit tries to clear another bit. To set a bit to 1, write a 1 to the corresponding bit position with bit 15 also set to 1.

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To reset a bit to 0, write a 1 to the corresponding bit position with the bit 15 set to 0. The microprocessor can clear the bits and wait for the next change condition on each bit. Setting of any of these register bits generates a microprocessor interrupt. It is up to the microprocessor to decide to use the interrupts depending on algorithms used and the microprocessor's interrupt latency. Bits 2 to 7 are cleared by the state machines when they grab the 3Com Modem1807 block's address from the MOAP and are set when that packet is done. These bits remain set until either they are reset by the microprocessoror until the next block begins to be processed. This is done to prevent a 3Com Modem1807 for constant attention of the microprocessor 3Com Modem driver.

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