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The Wildcat also supports a maximum of Direct X 7. The boards are very similar, both shipping with MB DDR unified memory for frame buffer and textures.

However, the has a slower chip, rated at 54 million triangles per second compared to 60 million triangles per second for the Interestingly, the Quadro4 is the first Quadro part that uses a physically different die than the GeForce, prohibiting the field upgrades that plagued older generations. Though the general capabilities are similar to the GeForce4, the Quadro4 offers several additional features, most notably hardware antialiased lines and hardware overlay 3dlabs wildcat pro pci.

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They also support DirectX 8. We spend a fair amount of words describing some of the basic problems we encountered with thecompared to other boards.


Beyond the usual speeds and feed, the features table brings a few interesting points to bear. First, though the Radeon chipset is capable 3dlabs wildcat pro pci full screen anti-aliasing, there is no way to enable this feature for OpenGL, a capability promised in an upcoming driver release. As shown in Figure 1, you can only enable or disable the overlay planes, force a copy swap, and wait for vertical retrace. In contrast, some of the controls offered by 3Dlabs include setting anti-aliased line quality, adjusting display list compilation execution, managing texture memory, setting accumulation buffer memory location, and enabling full screen anti-aliasing.

3DLABS Wildcat III Video Graphics Accelerator Card AGP Pro VGA DVI for sale online eBay

Also noteworthy was that the FireGL was the only board with an OpenGL rendering viewport smaller than the maximum display resolution. That is, you can run one OpenGL application in each monitor to the maximum single monitor resolution with no problem.

Nonetheless, if you foresee yourself wanting to do this, you should choose another adapter. Sub-Pixel Precision Also significant is that the FireGL uses 3dlabs wildcat pro pci precision during sub-pixel rendering calculations, which produced misalignment artifacts in 3ds max as shown in Figure 2. In the interest of full disclosure, we should note that this model was supplied to us by 3Dlabs specifically for the purposes of performing this quality check. That said, neither of the Quadro 4 boards, which now feature bit precision, produced similar artifacts.

3DLABS - Legacy Driver Downloads

Obviously, the Wildcat was perfect as well. Finally, the FireGL was the only board in the roundup without a VESA stereoscopic connector, complicating use with shutter glasses or similar visualization products.

All single monitor tests involved one application running on a single monitor with 3dlabs wildcat pro pci second monitor disabled. It was like they were frozen. I couldn't move them, clicking on them did nothing, and none of the functions there could be accessed. At first, I had no idea what the problem was.

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Numerous Internet searches eventually led to me to a single posting on a website from someone with a slightly different model number 3dLabs card, who was having exactly the same issue. He had 3dlabs wildcat pro pci unable to resolve the problem, and ultimately identified the culprit by swapping out video cards. I opened support requests with both 3dLabs and Adobe, to see if this could be fixed.

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To make matters more complicated, 3dLabs is no longer in the graphics card market. Although they continue to sell cards they've already manufactured, and promise to support them, there is no ongoing or future development work going on.

This means no updated drivers to solve problems. Which should serve as a word of warning to anyone considering purchasing a 3dLabs card.

3DLABS was 3dlabs wildcat pro pci fabless semiconductor company that originally developed the GLINT and 3Dlabs Wildcat VP Pro - P10, MB RAM, AGP x8; 3Dlabs Wildcat VP Pro - P10, MB 3Dlabs Oxygen GVX1 - GLINT R3 + GLINT Gamma G1 + 32 MB SDRAM, PCI and AGP version available; 3Dlabs  ‎History · ‎Media processors · ‎Legacy Graphics cards. I bought a 3dLabs Wildcat VP Pro graphics card in for two reasons. Since my PC does not have PCI-e slots, I needed an AGP card. I looked around.


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