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I've owned several performance cars and driven all of them to their limits. Naturally I began playing racing games as well, and have been hooked since. As a writer on hardware and gaming, it was easy to acquire many steering wheels over this period and I'd estimate I've owned at least twelve in that time, including Microsoft's original Act Labs ForceRS_22si feedback wheel. Many wheels were too gimmicky such as Act-Labs Force RS which led to poor support, or too cheaply built such as Joytech's Nitro which led to broken parts, but Microsoft's wheel was a solid pick, other than its lightweight plastic construction and gameport connection.

I really anticipated a follow-up for the Xbox and Xbox When I first bought my XboxI was dying for a decent wheel. I wanted to drift through Project Gotham Racing 3 with force feedback but settled for a rumbling gamepad. I Act Labs ForceRS_22si snapped off the right paddle one day while playing TDU, and eventually returned it Act Labs ForceRS_22si Best Buy. Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Racing Wheel.


Opening the box Since I made the purchase midway through Act Labs ForceRS_22si move, it sat almost miles away from my Xbox for a month while I planned how to get the rest of my junk to the northwest. I had disconnected my Xbox early in the move and waited this long to crack open the cardboard, but the day finally arrived earlier this week.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel Review

Act Labs ForceRS_22si can imagine my anticipation, with Forza 2 right around the corner and a few great racers already released for the console. As I cut into the tape that held it together, the box disassembled into a small rainforest's worth of cardboard. The wheel is packed tight in the very high quality box.


For more pictures of the packaging check [H]ere. Initial inspection This wheel is very stylish and extremely well built.

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Biostar VN4303THG1 ATXMac Tahminleri
Toshiba Satellite U40-AACT LABS Force RS and RS Shifter Pedals driving wheel TSW PC USB Nascar. NEW!!!

The white exterior looks like the other Xbox items except the center is extra shiny and smooth, resembling the front of a fine-tuned fiberglass race car. The unit is heavy, but in a good way.


The wheel itself features heavy padded rubber and a slick metal-looking plastic bottom-half, flattened a bit to make intense turning sessions possible even if the wheel is on your lap. The Act Labs ForceRS_22si molded plastic base is smooth and comfy, extra wide, and had its own grip retention mechanisms. On either side are grey plastic compartments.

Driving Is Much Easier With A Steering Wheel! -

One was just for looks, but the other opens up the battery compartment where you can install those Energizer batteries from earlier or if you've got an Xbox battery pack, that instead. The mounting bracket that holds the wheel to your desk optional to install has a hood-release looking button that unlocks it from the wheel and a large lock button to stabilize it on a desk. I just wanted to give it a try but as eager as I was to hook it up and start playing, something bothered me Wireless is a relative term Honestly I hadn't done much homework on this wheel before I made the purchase. I knew from experience that Microsoft makes great wheels Act Labs ForceRS_22si that any wheel made for Forza 2 was probably the one to buy. After all, Forza was at that point the best racing game I had played and I wanted to have the best wheel for its sequel.

Test Drive Unlimited was like Act Labs ForceRS_22si, and Project Gotham Racing 3 always kept me entertained when I really wanted to beat on a fast car and slide it around some corners. That said, I had no idea this wheel required any wires. Luckily though this cord is very light and easy to maneuver out of the way.

Replacing my ActLabs ForceRS

Act Labs ForceRS_22si Act Labs Free Driver Download. DriverGuide maintains an archive of supported Act Labs drivers available for free Download Act Labs Driver Update Utility ForceRS_22si Driver, n/a,MB, 8, Free Download >>. microsoft generic cdu2 winxp win - 8-[[[ - creative labs infra PRO BIOS Vista win7 - - act labs forcers_22si download Vista.

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