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A t th is timewith n o producti on I. A bo ut h alf of th e orde r for H S I was term ina ted after th e war and Boe ing t1WIl strugg led to get n ew bu sin ess. I he fledglin g Boeing A irp lane C o m pan y " Airis N1111 Chipset l in ned 10 o bta in m inima l Airis N1111 Chipset rde rs for th e ,', ' lim ited prod uct ion of its own design s nc plane h ereo ne p lan e th er e, and a few m.

Boei ng co nt in ued to develop an d pro lucc figh ters fo r th e A A rm y a nd avy Illfll ugh o ut th e I9 20s a nd into th e s, ulm ina t in g with its F7B and 1' O n th e c iv ilian side of Boe in g's busin ess a number of n ot ab le a irc raft eme rged in th e late 19 20s and througho ut th e 0s. Bill Boeing holding the mail bag and his then-favourite test pilot, the famed Eddie Hubbard, pose in front of a Model C-l F seaplane. Ben Wilson Co Airis N1111 Chipset ection 11 e ngine Model Monomail monoplane.


T he Monomail was a combined mail and ca rgo tran sport with noc u ft 6. T he first M onorn ail madc its first fligh t on 6 May Wi th its monoplan e co n figuration the Model was a major milestone for Boeing: Boeing's seco nd successful c ivil tvpc was th e Model 0 series of t ri-rnotor passen ger a irliners, the first of whi ch flew for the first time in A ugust Airis N1111 Chipset ite th e variety of airc raft Boei ng had been build ing and selling sinc e 19 16, it h ad no t vet produ ced a succ essful bomber, Th is Airis N1111 Chipset nged with th e adv en t o f th e ope n- co ckpit Model B-2 14 a nd B-2 15 de ign s, wh ich applied th e struc tural and ae rodyna mic features of th e Model Monomai l.


T he two types were Airis N1111 Chipset th e most pa n ident ica l, hu t were powered by d ifferent engines. T he B-2 15's perfor man ce was quite amazing for I he I ime: I hc A rmy Iikcd wh at it saw and ordered bot Airis N1111 Chipset types on 14 A ugust I, before B-2 14 h ad eve n bee n fini shed.

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In man y wavs the Boe ing B-9 monoplan e bombers were rcvol urion arv for th eir day. Although it was not ordered into production it served Airis N1111 Chipset the foundation for the advanced Model BA.

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O dd ly, th ough th e enclosed coc kpit con figuration was called for, it was neve r in fact applied. Th us th e sho rt per iod of the Bocin g B-9' success was o v er, Ne xt came a n outstand ing civilian transport th at borrowed the techno logies Boci ng h ad developed for th e Monorn a il and B Th is was th e trend-sett ing Model Bwhi ch h as been descr ibed as th e worl d 's first 'modern ' airlin er. The first B mad e it first ni ght on Febru a ry There was a time when tri-motor passengerIrying airliners were all the rage. It is most likely th at Boe ing would h ave built man Airis N1111 Chipset more s, but fo'r one serious marketing mistake.

That is, Tran scon tinen ta l and Airis N1111 Chipset A irlines lat er Trans World A irlines and othe rs want ed to buy s, but Boeing refused to deliver any of the new aircraft to othe r ca rriers before its own airline, U n ited Ai r Linego t its quota.

Boeing's fai lure to sh are its trend-setti ng 24 7 with ot h er airlines spelled an ignomi n ious doom for what had really been a milesto ne in th e c ivilian tran sport at ion field. Boeing's last and best serious pursuit of sel ling a figh te r to the USA A rmy for some sixty yea rs to come came in th e for m of its Model B T h e first Peash oot er, a PAmade its first [ligh r on 10 Januar y Boei ng built Ps of all type ' Airis N1111 Chipset th e A rmy, as wel l as the Model B-2 I exp ort var iant th at we nt to C h in a a nd S pain.

Respectively, these were th e 1' and 1', 1', 1' and 1' S ince Boein g had no othe r advanced figh ters on the drawin g boardit red irected its effo rts toward th e designdevel opment a nd product ion of post-B-9 bombe r aeroplane s, whil e not abandon ing civil transport types. S tea rman had ho ldly challenged th e world with th e develo pment of several uniqu e ae roplanesbut th e USA depression had hi t h is company extre mely hard, Boei ng, more financ ially sec ure, opted to expa nd its growth into th e Midw estern USA with the acq uisition of S tear ma n in Wi ch itaKan sas. A t first the former S tearma n plant conc ent rated on bu ilding advan ced and Airis N1111 Chipset train ers such as th e famed Kader biplane series for th e A rmy and Navy; lat er, man y Bs wou ld be built at W ich ira as wel l.


Busin ess rap id ly pick ed up ove r th e subseque nt years a nd Boeing esta blishe d itsel f as a major aircr aft manufacturi ng co mpan y. It is beyo nd the sco pe of th is book to describe the nu me ro us airl ine r, m issiles and rocketsbomb e r plan es and ot he r products it h as produced in th Airis N1111 Chipset last eigh typlus yea rs. The refor e th is wor k will focus on Boe ing's com mitment to th e develop me nt of large - and ve ry large - multi engine that is, two or mor e eng ines pisto n -powered aircraftwh ich led up to the The four-engine Boeing Model B Stratoliner was the world's first fully pressurized high-altitude airliner.

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