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What is happening is that if I put my iMac to sleep, and then wake it after a few hours, I get Kernel Panics and have to restart times this has been going on Apple Mac-F425BEC8 about a month.

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This doesn't happen if I only leave my iMac asleep for a hours or so. So I get 3 types of errors, the kernel panic with the different languages after waking Apple Mac-F425BEC8 iMac.

Apple Mac-F425BEC8 The kernel panic that displays white text on black bars running down the left side of my screen, after being able to reboot randomly. And unexpected program shut downs, primarily when using Mail or iTunes. What I've done: When I re-tested using the clean boot for about a day, I didn't get the errors. However, when I reloaded my initial setup Apple Mac-F425BEC8 by backup disk, I started getting the kernel panics after a few hours of sleep again.


I think the fact that I didn't get the panics running the clean boot has hopefully ruled out a hardware problem, so am I looking at some software Apple Mac-F425BEC8 could be the culprit? Is there any easy way to narrow down what it might be, or if it's another issue altogether? Thanks for any help provided, and let me know if I need to provide any further info! I tried logging in as another new user, and experienced the same problems. Nothing showing on the activity monitor that I can see as the problem either.

Looks like I'll be heading back down to the Apple store to see what can be done.

Apple Mac-F425BEC8 But I have my crash logs now, and hopefully they'll be a little more receptive the second time around. Thanks again! However, they were able to get it to kernel panic after running it on a full processor load for a couple hours.

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After getting the machine back, it has been pretty stable, but it will kernel panic within a minute of waking it up from sleep. Therefore, I can't put the machine to Apple Mac-F425BEC8 anymore. Once in awhile, it also kernel panics during the boot process. A few times, including today, the memory also shows up incorrectly in the System Profiler. Does anyone Apple Mac-F425BEC8 an idea of what might be causing this and how I might be able to fix it? Thanks for the suggestion.

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I disconnected the MyBook drive from the Firewire port, then put the G5 to sleep again. When I Apple Mac-F425BEC8 it from sleep, it ran almost five minutes, then kernel panicked. So I did a test with half the RAM and had the same problem. Then I tested the other half of the Apple Mac-F425BEC8 and the same kernel panics happened.

The last few times, it Apple Mac-F425BEC8 froze without displaying the kernel panic screen. The kernel panics started happening when I installed the August security update. So I decided to install Leopard on a secondary internal drive. The installation went smoothly and I ran some programs for a new minutes with no external drive attached. Then I put the computer to sleep.

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When I woke it up about an hour later, the cursor was gone and the screen was frozen. So I am pretty confused. The computer runs fine as long Apple Mac-F425BEC8 I don't put it to sleep. But if I wake it up from sleep, it is a ticking time bomb before it crashes. Is there anything else I can try?


I thought it strange that I had to restart the computer twice after the update. But everything initially seemed to work fine after the update.

But while I was updating the OS on my Macbook Pro, leaving my Mac Pro unattended for about 45 minutes, I came back to the Mac Pro and discovered that there Apple Mac-F425BEC8 a kernal panic warning on the screen to the effect that the computer shut down because of a problem. I was given the option to restart the computer and it seemed to work Apple Mac-F425BEC8 for the next few hours.

The machine will fail to boot if you don't have Apple Mac-F425BEC8 right processor. This can be a fairly involved task, so make sure you are confident working with your machine. Fortunately, these processors can be found reasonably cheaply on eBay. Acquiring the modified version of OS X Lion As with any OS upgrade, the first thing to do is make sure you have a full backup Apple Mac-F425BEC8 your system, in case things go wrong.

Operating System, Mac OS X (Build 10K), Mac OS X (Build Motherboard, Apple Computer, Inc. Mac-FBEC8 PVT, Apple Computer, Inc. Operating System, Mac OS X (Build 9L31a), Mac OS Apple Mac-F425BEC8 (Build 9L31a) Motherboard, Apple Computer, Inc. Mac-FBEC8 PVT, Apple Computer.

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