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Indeed, the AV is best suited to tech-savvy users who have patience for its manual, VCR-like recording process. But for that crowd, this is one awesome traveling companion.

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With its brushed-metal exterior, sharp corners, and engraved Archos AV 500 buttons, the Archos AV has a decidedly industrial look, and the casing is durable and well put together. Whether you prefer that to the more elegant design of, say, the Creative Zen Vision is largely a matter of personal preference.


We like the look well enough, but we think its odd, Tetris-like controls hurt the aesthetic. The Archos AV weighs 9 ounces and measures 3 by 4. It's actually a tad big to be carrying around like you would an MP3 player, though. The real news is the 4-inch wide-screen LCD, which provides quite Archos AV 500 bit more viewing area than the Zen Vision's smaller 4: However, the latter's xpixel resolution trumps the AV's Archos AV 500 But does pixel count really matter in a device this small?

Skip ahead to the Performance section to find out. Sorely missing from the device is a kickstand. While watching video, you'll have to hold the AV at a comfortable viewing angle or find something to prop it against. On the plus side, the battery is removable, so at least you can stock a spare coming soon, price to be determined for long trips. Operating the Archos AV is relatively simple, thanks to its lovely icon-driven interface, though the controls aren't immediately intuitive. The D-pad is easy enough to figure out, but what Archos AV 500 the two extra buttons in either corner? The AV case is made of brushed aluminum and forms a solid, rugged, dense box with a built-in LCD screen.

Sometimes the specific format is referenced by combining the model name with the hard disk drive format, e.

Archos AV500

The AV has an optional triple-life battery pack. An optional camera attachment digital minicam was available for the AV from late Archos AV 500 to mid, when Archos discontinued its production. The minicam records video directly to the Archos' hard disk drive in Divx format. The camera is powered from the AV unit via its single video cable.

Archos AV Mobile DVR review: Archos AV Mobile DVR - CNET

The AV was released on Friday June 10, Archos Archos AV 500 replaced the AV product line with its Generation 4 series. Since the AV picks up the copy protection from protected DVDs, you can't watch that content on an external monitor or on your PC, but we don't think this is such a big deal, since you can always bring the DVD with you to play at a friend's house.

That and the built-in LCD is bright and sharp, with very good viewing angles, so we were able to watch a feature-length movie comfortably with minimal eye fatigue. Recording is pretty flexible.

Archos AV series - Wikipedia

You can snag your favorite shows on a schedule and even attach the IR emitter cable to the Docking Pod and your VCR or set-top box so the AV can turn them on and off while you're not around this Archos AV 500 confuse your pets. The Mini Cam has an autofocus and white-balance system and records video and audio directly to the hard drive at up to VGA resolution, even in low light. The photo features are very good, including panning and zooming, but there are no fancy transitions in slide shows, and you can't listen to music while viewing photos.

The AV Archos AV 500 impressive audio-recording capabilities. Our recordings were extremely clear, and we like that the display shows you in real time how big the Archos AV 500 you are recording is. We wish that the microphone had adjustable sensitivity, but it does have a volume-level meter, so you can see if you're too loud or not.


It does, however, support ID3 tags, file management renaming, deletion, movingand album art. The built-in speaker is fairly powerful and clear enough, but we don't imagine too many people will use it when they're on the go.

The included earbuds are adequate, but they are very weak in the bass and really don't do justice to the AV 's impressive audio output capabilities. Bass Boost and the bass tone control helped a bit, but the earbuds didn't have much more to give. Our formal testing showed the AV to have a much flatter frequency response with non-Archos headphones plugged in, especially our PX set. Moral of the story: If you shelled Archos AV 500 for the player, don't skimp on the headphones. We also measured a clean signal at up to 3 clicks below top volume, Archos AV 500 if you're listening any louder than that, you're probably close to deaf anyway.

Jump to AV - The Archos AV series plays Divx/Xvid and WMV9 format video; MP3 and WAV audio files; and displays JPEG and BMP graphic recording‎: ‎MPEG-4 SP, up to VGA resol. User Manual for ARCHOS™ AV series. Version Please visit our website to download the most recent manual and software for this product. 2.



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