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The AV case is made of brushed aluminum and forms a solid, rugged, dense box with a built-in LCD screen.

Sometimes the specific format is referenced by combining the model name with the hard disk drive format, e. The AV has an optional triple-life battery pack.

Archos AV700E Pocketdish Portable Media Recorder DVR Player

An optional camera attachment digital minicam was available for the AV from late December to mid, when Archos discontinued its production. The minicam records video directly to the Archos' hard disk drive in Divx format. The camera is powered from the AV unit via its single video cable. The AV was released on Friday June 10, Archos has replaced the AV Archos Pocketdish AV700E line with its Generation 4 series. AV[ edit ] The Archos AV was the turning point for Archos to change the way they sell these devices to the public. The previous slogan"Think Smaller" was seen as inappropriate for the purpose, so they then changed it to "On The Go".


The AV comes in 40, 80 or gigabyte models. The built-in screen resolution is by It is a digital video recorder and it is possible to record video from an external source, too. The battery has six contacts that mates to the unit and then locks Archos Pocketdish AV700E place with the side lever.


The charging indicator on the front of the unit will illuminate when charging starts and flash once the battery is fully charged, which can take up to four hours. The high capacity battery provides the AVE with up to 4 hours of video viewing time or up to 12 hours of audio playback time depending how much the user uses the LCD screen. Our screen was set to time out and blank after seconds of no use. This is an adjustable parameter in the Setup menu. Archos Pocketdish AV700E

Archos AVE Pocketdish Portable Media Recorder DVR Player for sale online eBay

Interfaces There are several interfaces on the Archos Pocketdish AV700E that allow it to be used as an audio or video recorder as well as a playback system. Two USB ports are available depending on how the unit is being used. The USB-A port is a Host interface designed for devices such as camcorders, digital cameras or flash Archos Pocketdish AV700E. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends using the power adapter during these data transfers. The docking station has two specially designed 3.

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The DC power input jack is also extended to the docking station. An input s-video jack is also provided on the docking station for higher quality recording. As many already know, s-video has the potential to offer Archos Pocketdish AV700E picture quality since the chroma and luminance signals are carried separately in the cable.

If the docking station is not being used, the 3. The travel case has a firm cover that helps Archos Pocketdish AV700E the fragile LCD screen from damage. Batteries are also included with the unit.

The docking station offers a more convenient way of interfacing to the AVE, but as mentioned earlier must be removed in order for the USB-B port to be accessible when connecting to the Dish DVR for downloading. There are additional icons for Browser, Archos Pocketdish AV700E, and Help.

Product Review - Dish Network PocketDISH AVE Media Player

The Browser allows Archos Pocketdish AV700E user to examine each of the user's folders while the Resume icon restarts the audio or video from the last place it was playing from. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Archos AVE Pocketdish Portable Media Recorder DVR Player at the best online prices at. Jump to PocketDish - under the PocketDish brand of Dish Network, though the original Archos logos remained. They were named the AVE, AVE,  ‎Products · ‎AV · ‎AV · ‎AV

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