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At the time, you gave me some suggestions but I was unable to resolve this. I have since gotten to the bottom of this problem.

This resulted in correct communications at 38, through the FTDI chip! I then used the Microbridge May ; www. It now works fine. How much did they contribute? Almost nothing. OK, they pay you a few cents for it and they let you use it all yourself if ATI KV SPOOKY DESKTOP 100W want. Who got the better deal here, really? The entire scheme was designed primarily to benefit them while throwing you a few crumbs. This is yet another reason to go off-grid. Is that the way we should be going? We have been trained to consume far more than we really need. Yes, trained. We should be cutting back.

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If you are willing to cut back on the excesses of our modern living then going off-grid is not that hard to do, nor prohibitively expensive. For example, if you need a clothes dryer, disconnect the heating element. So it takes three times as long to dry the washing — who cares? Now ask yourselves why the appliance manufacturers have not implemented such a huge energy saving initiative. ATI KV SPOOKY DESKTOP 100W

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Need more proof? Look at modern washing machines: How about a project which connects directly to solar panels and has variable output voltage to a heater element? This kind of project could also be used as a direct connection to electric hot water heaters.

Now that would be a real energy saving initiative by Silicon Chip. The power companies would hate you for it though.

Robert Hatvani, Noble Park, Vic. All electric clothes dryers can be set to run at half power but the corresponding increase in drying time means that not much energy is likely to be saved.

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On the other hand, most people are aware that cold water washing works well and does save energy. There is Celebrating 30 Years no need to select cold water operation each time you turn on the machine; the setting will be remembered from the last time it was used.

Trying to heat a swimming pool with the average domestic solar installation is likely to be a futile exercise — far more power is needed and the pool would need to be covered every night to avoid heat loss. ATI KV SPOOKY DESKTOP 100W you want to heat a swimming pool, dedicated roof collectors are the most effective solution. Repeated lcd. I checked the hardware, even substituting an older ATmega board I purchased some years ago. I also tried earlier versions of the IDE, V1.

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The printing problem was resolved using the Arduino V1. Strings, numbers and assembled strings as you have used in the sketch print perfectly. Since these occur in the NUDGE section of your sketch only, ATI KV SPOOKY DESKTOP 100W am not too concerned, but I did rewrite the code there so that if nudging had been performed, there would appear a printout of the new value of CF once the nudge switch was in the neutral position while LK1 was in place. That new CF value would then have to be entered and saved in the global declarations part of the sketch, and the sketch recompiled.

I can forward these changes to you, if you wish. But any of your readers using the latest version of the IDE on a Mac could be frustrated by the puzzling performance siliconchip. Fortunately, the IDE V1.


I am sending you my modified sketch code so that you can provide it to other readers who run into the same issue. Anthony H. Goodman, Worrigee, NSW. Missing text in Radio Telescopes article The article about Radio Telescopes in the August edition seems to be missing a section after the short paragraph in column 2 on page Would it be possible to publish this missing bit in the next edition? It was an interesting article. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The mistake happened because ATI KV SPOOKY DESKTOP 100W was a slight change to the layout just before we went to press. Later HMV valve sets had ATI KV SPECTRE DESKTOP W · ATI KV ATI KV SPECTRE LITE DESKTOP 65W/W · ATI KV ATI KV SPOOKY DESKTOP W .

Call of Duty: Ghost - Improves anti-aliasing performance, and updates the AMD CrossFire profile; AMD Radeon R9 Series. C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\ATI\ACE. AMD = "KV SPOOKY DESKTOP W ".

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