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Other than that, the only other missing port someone would have a complaint about would be S-Video, however, that can Gateway M285 ATI Graphics solved using the Optional Port Replicator attachment that Gateway sells. However, when looking at this tablet comparatively, the numerous ports on this machine make it fairly competitive among its peers. The antenna is cleverly wired through the screen of the tablet, as to provide a more clear and stronger connection to the wireless action point. From what I have seen, this works quite well.

I also chose to get the option of Bluetooth on this computer, because my printer HP Photosmart is bluetooth enabled, and this allows me to connect to it via Bluetooth, giving me the option of eliminating wire clutter in my dorm room while Gateway M285 ATI Graphics am in college. Battery Life One of the things that I was most worried about when I was choosing to buy a laptop computer, was how the battery life would be, as there were no definitive reviews for this or any other current generation tablet PC.

Gateway M285-e SB M285-g Laptop Heatsink for ATI Video 3CTA6TATA05

While there were several reviews for other regular laptops that one could technically compare them to, it was more of an apples to oranges comparison, and thus was inconclusive at best. However, this Gateway did not disappoint.


I chose to upgrade the battery to the optional Cell, which would provide more battery life at the cost of more space taken up, however I did not mind this minor sacrifice because I did not want to end up without a laptop because of a battery that could not stay away from a desk for less than a few hours. When being miserly, and low Gateway M285 ATI Graphics and no wireless, the laptop can almost hit 8 and a half hours. This is quite amazing and definitely surprised me as I was not expecting battery life this nice.

Gateway M285 Convertible Tablet PC Review (pics, specs)

Gateway includes the Operating System disk, as well as another disk that Gateway M285 ATI Graphics the applications and drivers to the various devices that were found on the laptop. From there, the application uses the recover partition on the HD, as well as the Recovery disks to restore the original image that came on the laptop.


Aside from that, there was Gateway M285 ATI Graphics much else other uninstalling that I was doing. One thing I did notice was that there was no Pen compatibility with Firefox. However, this is more directly a software problem rather than hardware, and thus can be addressed in later versions.

I myself have not yet had the need to Gateway M285 ATI Graphics tech support, and hopefully that need will not arise. I consider myself to be a fairly advanced user, and I can fix many problems by myself. I will definitely update the review if needed, If i were to encounter any trouble from Customer Service. The default warranty included with the system is for 1 year, however, through the Virginia Tech discount, this was upgraded to 3 years, with Accidental Damage Protection, which gives me repair no matter what type of damage the laptop may incur, and this was essential as this is a tablet pc, and with the screen resting on one hinge, I was a bit more thorough in finding out what type of warranty to get, that would cover any damage that may occur from the various abuses of college life. Tablet Attributes As a tablet, there are various different things that this PC needs to be able to do.

The main function of a tablet is the Pen and Pad functionality of the screen, and while one Gateway M285 ATI Graphics not realize it, the feel of the tablet, as well as how well the pen responds to various inputs is critical for those who are trying to recreate a natural feeling of pen on paper.


The pen definitely needs to be calibrated the first time, and from then on, it needs to be recalibrated every time the view of the screen is changed from landscape to portrait and vice versa. In order to calibrate it, you need to goto the pen and tablet settings button on the taskbar, chose to calibrate, and hit the center of the crosshairs that appear in the four corners of the screen, Gateway M285 ATI Graphics in all, the process takes about seconds, and provides a more accurate pen when you go to write on the screen. The more accurately you mark the center of the crosshair, the more accurate the pen is on the tablet.

Once you get used to the feel of the pen on the screen, it actually becomes easier to write, and once you get used to the fact that your screen will have some smudges on it from when your palm hits it, you will write even more comfortably. The screen also features several buttons along the bottom of Gateway M285 ATI Graphics, so when you are in tablet mode, you can easily access some key features through the buttons such as task manager, and Windows Journal, which opens up a document with lined paper so it looks as if you are taking notes on an endless amount well, as large as your hard drive of notes that you can save and access at any point in time.

Download Gateway M ATI Graphics Driver for Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit

The pen is held in a small little Gateway M285 ATI Graphics and is easily accessible. A recent update to the drivers make the pen feel a lot more comfortable and smooth when using it, and significantly improves the performance of the pen on the screen. The performance is top notch, and the quality is also surprisingly nice.

There are few things wrong with the laptop, but for some those few things may be what ultimately may decide on whether or not they want to buy it. Size is one of the major concerns for some, and that Gateway M285 ATI Graphics definitely something that will need to be determined when choosing this laptop. With the additional Cell battery, it adds even more weight, and protrudes out the bottom, which may be something that some users may not want.

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However, this for me is a small sacrifice as in return I am getting amazing battery life. Gateway M285 ATI Graphics 14, - Specifications: Processor Options Intel Core Processor Duo 2 Execution Cores Integrated 2 MB Level 2 Cache MHz FSB Intel Core Solo. Gateway M ATI Graphics Driver for XP, Gateway M ATI Graphics Driver for Vista.

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