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When user chooses this option, Screensav er cycles through v arious graphics demos randomly 39 2.

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Only one Screen Saver: When user chooses this option, screensaver displays only one graphics demo. Blank Screen Only: When user chooses this option, screensaver only blanks the screen instead of displaying the graphics demo. Disable Screen Saver: When user chooses this option, screensaver is disabled. This screensaver displays the images stored Biostar P4TPE Pro StudioFun!

Display Settings Display Settings Display setting is a program to change the current resolution settings of the Display. By def ault user of StudioFun will be given a choice to select between any of the f ollowing 40 three resolutions. It requires restart of the StudioFun to reflect the changes Biostar P4TPE Pro. File Manager Overview File manger is an utility to copy f iles from deferent devices to hard disk and v ice versa. User can copy f iles Biostar P4TPE Pro dev ices such as, f loppy, cdrom and f lashdisk to hard disk.

And also f rom hard disk to floppy and flashdisk. Y ou can also delete f iles from hard disk, but you cannot deletef iles from any device.


Please double click the device option twice to mount the device. List Directories - Shows the list of directories of the selected device after double clicking it. Biostar P4TPE Pro e - Click to delete files from hard disk. Exit - Click to quit the application. Make sure both ends are securely plugged in; check the drive type in the standard CMOS setup. All hard dis ks are capable o breaking down at any time. Reforma be read and applications can be used but the hard drive.

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Re-install applications and data using backup disks. Call drive manufacturers for compatibility with other drives.

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T astaturleuchten sind nicht an. Die Festplatte wird gelesen und Daten und Anwendungsdateien. The Setup program allows users to modify the basic system configuration. This special information is then stored in battery-backed RAM so that it retains the Setup information when the power is turned off. The BIOS provides critical low-level support for standard devices such as disk drives and serial and parallel ports. The rest of this manual is intended to guide you through Biostar P4TPE Pro process of configuring your system using Setup.

Sleep and Suspend power Biostar P4TPE Pro modes are supported.

The following table provides more detail about how to navigate in the Setup program by using the keyboard. The Main Menu allows you to select from several setup functions. Advanced Chipset Features This submenu allows you to configure special chipset features. Power Management Setup This submenu allows you to configure the power management features. PC Health Status This submenu allows Biostar P4TPE Pro to monitor the hardware of your system. However, this function is strongly recommended not to use.

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Load Biostar P4TPE Pro Defaults This selection allows you to reload the BIOS when the system is having problems particularly with the boot sequence. These configurations are factory settings optimized for this system.


A confirmation Biostar P4TPE Pro will be displayed before defaults are set. You will be prompted with to enter a password. Confirmation message will be displayed before proceeding. Exit Without Saving Abandon all changes made during the current session and exit setup.

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Each category includes no, one or more than one setup items. Item Options Date mm: Time hh: Drive A K, 5. The Choices:P4TPE Pro.

Socket: Socket ; Supports Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Processor; Supports FSB MHz; Support Intel Hyper-Threading Technology; Supports. P4TPE Socket: Socket ; Supports Intel Pentium 4/Celeron Processor; Supports FSB /MHz; Support Intel Hyper-Threading Technology.

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