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For example, the composition of exhaled human breath consists of major compounds such as N2, CO2, H2O, and O2 as well as volatile organic compounds VOCs at ppm levels or below. About four hundred VOCs occur only at ppb or ppt levels [ 1 ]. For ADLINK MXC-2002D realization of portable, reliable, and selective sensor systems providing sufficient sensitivity for online and in situ trace gas detection, laser spectroscopic techniques are the method of choice.

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Hence, this has led to the ADLINK MXC-2002D of mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy MIR-LAS as a highly effective diagnostic tool for sensitive trace gas detection. Sensors based on MIR-LAS have created a tremendous prospect in fundamental and applied studies allowing highly sensitive and selective spectroscopic measurements for species concentration determination. Enabled by the commercial readiness of QCLs and ICLs and their continuous wave cw operation at room temperature ADLINK MXC-2002D application brought significant improvements in MIR-LAS, not only for trace gas detection [ 345 ], but also for studies in chemical physics [ 3 ], characterization of plasmas [ 6 ], breath gas analysis [ 7 ], and the investigations of supersonic expansions [ 8 ].

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Equipped with specially designed distributed feedback DFB structures QCLs and ICLs operate in single-frequency mode providing continuous mode-hop free wavelength tuning. However, ADLINK MXC-2002D repeatability of such spectral scans is often limited by the inevitable hysteresis of the stepping motor. Therefore, to enable multi-component detection of trace gases in the MIR several lasers must be implemented in one sensor [ 101112 ]. Recently, the successful design and application of so-called dual-wavelength QCLs was reported [ 13 ]. Operating in a time-division multiplexed mode, Jagerska and co-workers achieved a detection limit of 0.

A further important issue is the ADLINK MXC-2002D of ensuring very low limit of detection LOD values at a high dynamic range combined with a sufficient accuracy. The application of cavity-enhanced spectroscopy CES techniques using dielectric mirrors to build a high finesse optical cavity is a powerful approach to realize a LOD at parts-per-billion ppb or parts-per-trillion ppt levels.


Following the demonstration of the achievement of very low detection limits with setups in the NIR based on optical path lengths in the order of kilometers [ 14 ], the successful combination of cavity-enhanced absorption techniques with cw ICLs, QCLs and external-cavity EC QCLs could be proven recently [ 151617 ]. Miller and co-authors reported the detection of formaldehyde down to ppb within 3 s acquisition time using off-axis cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy OA-CEAS, being a special variant of CEAS, see also Section 2. This detection limit has been essentially improved up to the ppt range applying optical feedback cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy OF-CEAS [ 1819202122 ]. In OF-CEAS, the self-locking of a laser to an optical cavity is used not only to increase the optical path length but also to ADLINK MXC-2002D the cavity transmitted power [ 2324 ].

The industrial solid-state drive storage option is required. Figure System is turned on when the button is depressed, and the power LED lights.

When watchdog timer starts, the LED flashes. When the timer is expired, the LED remains lit.

Indicates the HDD operating state. When lit continuously, indicates no physical storage is connected, and if blinking, indicates no memory is installed on either SODIMM socket. Table LED Indicators ADLINK MXC-2002D 11 24 1. Digital Isolator Isolation voltage: DC-to-DC transformer Isolation voltage: Photocoupler DIn 8.

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The VDD pin is connected in serial with a flywheel diode protecting the driver during inductance loading, such ADLINK MXC-2002D relay, motor, or solenoid, wherein the VDD must connect ADLINK MXC-2002D external power to form a flywheel current loop. Introduction 17 30 1. The boot priority and boot device can be configured in BIOS. Please refer to Section B. Boot on page 74 for details USB 3.

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All USB3. WGIT provides: IEEE Yellow ON Ethernet port is connected with no activity. Flashing Ethernet port is connected and active. Data transfer rates up to 3. The CFast card can function as a storage ADLINK MXC-2002D for system installation. Applicable Cable Types With computing and graphic performance enhancement by its 3rd generation Intel processor, the MXC controller can support three independent displays, with configuration as follows. Audio jack access is on the front panel. The pink jack provides microphone input, and the green jack lineout. Ensure that the DC power supply:Intel® Atom™ Fanless Expandable Embedded Computer with PCI/PCIe Slots.

The MXC Series is scheduled for discontinuation as of /05/ The recommended replacement product is MXCCD-3E1, MXCE1. Embedded Box Computers Intel Atom N fanless expandable embedded computer w/ 2 PCI slots, 1GB DDR2 and 32GB MLC SSD.


ADLINK MXC-2002D Extremely compact Internet of Things (IoT) gateway based on an Intel® Quark™ SoC X Rugged quad-core fanless computers featuring the 4th generation Intel.

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