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Nonetheless, the D-Link still comes with a very clear, well-illustrated Quick Install Guide that most people wouldn't need to read. At the initial login, the Web application will DLINK DNS-323 you to set up the drives. There are four options: JBOD combines the drives in a linear way, meaning the combined storage is the total of the two hard drives even when they are of different sizes.

With RAID 0, the combined storage is always the size of the smaller hard drive multiplied by two. Also, if one hard drive in a JBOD setup dies, only data on that hard drive is lost and it's possible--though not always--to recover information on the working one. Then again, RAID 1 offers even better data security at the expense of storage capacity, of course and is probably the best DLINK DNS-323 for a backup solution.

D-Link DNS-323

If you get new hard drives for the DNS, all these options work very well and the setup is very convenient. If you want to use hard drives that already contain data, however, it's a different story. This can also be potentially problematic in case the DNS fails and you want to just hook its hard drives to a Windows computer for data access or recovery. For all the NAS devices of which the hard drives are user-replaceable we've DLINK DNS-323 to date, the DNS is the first that supports only the Ext2 file format. This makes the user-replaceable aspect of the device less flexible.

The formatting takes a relatively short time depending on the size of the hard drives. In our case, it took about 5 DLINK DNS-323 for a drive of GB.

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Other than the formatting, it's very quick and self-explanatory to set up other DLINK DNS-323. The DNS supports user management with accounts, DLINK DNS-323, and quotas. The administrator can control disk space as well as what a user can do with the provided storage space. We will setup SSH access and turn off the insecure telnet shortly.


The next step is to set up the root account with a password. A few steps need to be taken here to ensure the password is set correctly and that it is written to firmware: DLINK DNS-323 they DLINK DNS-323, and you are able to login as root with your defined password, exit the session by typing exit; you should still be logged into the DNS as root. Next, save the password settings to flash memory: You will want to test that it works prior to disabling telnet.

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Now you can hack around further. This became available once fun-plug was installed; all DLINK DNS-323 needs is to be enabled and configured. From another system on the network you can mount dns The options here are endless. The fun-scripts package comes with a number of useful tools out of the box, and there are many others to be had.

DLINK DNS-323 well, using the fun-scripts gives you complete control over the DNS, unlike the web control panel which, while quite thorough, is still limited. DNS 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure.

Downloads; FAQs; Videos; Specifications. For access to the right downloads, please select the correct hardware.


How to connect Windows Vista to DNS If you are having troubles accessing a shared drive or folder on your network from a computer with Windows Vista.

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