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About Company Careers Legal. Support Knowledge Base Contact Support. Anything less could be construed as a cheap trick to appease buyers who aren't completely thrilled with their purchase after the first week. Checking with Antelope for their take on required break-in I was Antelope Zodiac Gold hours. That's 21 days non-stop. At all. The Antelope Zodiac Gold is a very impressive DAC that sounds much better than DACs costing much less, but not as good as one costing half again as much that has a less ambitious feature set and tops out at kHz. If ultra-hi-rez sound is your new obsession, and especially if you want to listen to ultra-hi-rez audio through headphones, the Zodiac Gold might be the only game in town.

If you're shopping in this area, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


It was only after my impressions of the Zodiac Gold's sound had solidified that I learned that Antelope's chief designer, Igor Levin, takes an idiosyncratic approach to digital design. After taking brute-force measures to minimize incoming jitter, he uses his own method to add "benevolent Antelope Zodiac Gold to the signal in a manner analogous to digital redithering. A video clip wherein Levin explains his approach to digital design can be found here. Questions or comments.

Zodiac Platinum kHZ DSD DAC Antelope Audio

Footnote 1: But I don't think these models are going to be on the shopping lists of people who were early adopters of hi-rez downloads anyway. In both cases, I believe that Stax have a special affinity Antelope Zodiac Gold the Zodiac Gold, mostly because of their inherent smoothness just like ribbon tweeterscombined with their resolving power. In both cases, the music flow was still natural, despite the first setup was showing much treble energy and detail. In hi-fi we're used to products fitting neatly into conventional categories; this Antelope doesn't quite do that. At its heart the Zodiac Gold is a digital-to-analogue converter.

Zodiac Platinum

It's the top model of three that the company currently makes. Here, we're testing it with the optional outboard power supply called, rather colourfully, Voltikus.


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Review Component Retail: In fact, I would have been stunned senseless Antelope Zodiac Gold it had pulled it off, so I'm not disappointed in the least. Otherwise, Antelope Zodiac Gold I tossed its way it caught with ease and elegance. Given the designer's roots in high-end production and mastering hardware, it's not hard to suss out why. Now it's time for numbers and maths, courtesy of the Antelope site: Dynamic Range: I'm not really sure if it makes that much of a difference, but it seems cool none-the-less.

Of the bunch, the Sound Devices USB Pre2 had the weakest showing, Antelope Zodiac Gold quite musical, but congested and not as resolving as the others. The Lavry and Eastern Electric boxes definitely upped the ante, sounding fleshed out and exceedingly musical, yet highly resolving.

Antelope Audio - Zodiac Gold

I really liked the full, fleshed out tones of the sax and trumpet through both boxes. However, my favorite among the bunch was the Zodiac, especially in its rendering of high frequency information. For example, the cut opens with some high pitched chimes which the Zodiac reproduced to my ears, anyway almost to perfection, with just the right Antelope Zodiac Gold and extension. Later on, there is a ride cymbal that has a metallic, sustained overtone between strikes that the Zodiac really Antelope Zodiac Gold right. I almost thought I was hearing a real cymbal until I opened my eyes.

I could hear the sustain with the other DACs, but it was dulled and nowhere near as realistic. Differences were a bit harder to discern when listening to the Maconchy Serenata Concertante. This piece is quite beautiful, but like much modern music, takes a few listens to grow on you.

[FS] - Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold and Voltikus Power pink fish media

Here, we have a full orchestra with emphasis on strings, punctuated with some interesting percussive effects. "What is Antelope Zodiac Gold is the first question anyone asks when first confronted by the brick-shaped Zodiac Gold.

The answer isn't straightforward. In hi-fi. Antelope Audio's Zodiac Gold slots above the previously reviewed Zodiac+ as Igor Levin's top current DAC.

As a digital pro-audio company, Antelope joins.

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