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It also freed more screen real estate for other tasks, such as web browsing or office applications, by allowing the user to move some things, like the top empty grey window frame area otherwise wasted off-screen. Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate similar panning effect can be achieved on other Linux systems using xrandr. The HA-B has a removable 3-cell battery with a rated 4-hour life per charge, a 1. There is also a HA-H model, sold in Poland, equipped with a 6-cell battery, an N processor and a 0. The B has USB 3.

[SOLVED] How to get to "boot menu screen" for ASUS Eee PC Netbook? (to install Ubuntu)

The B is the first of the Eee PC line of computers that supports virtualization. Eee c and ce[ edit ] These were released in and described as the last in the line of the Asus Eee PC series.

Keyboard, touchpad and screen We realize the N's chiclet keyboard is the same as the Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate on the N and the most recent Eee PCs, but the matte keys seem "clickier" than those on the other laptops. Additionally there's just a significant amount of flex to the whole panel. While typing this review we noticed the entire panel caving in at times -- it's not pretty and we've seen much better quality ASUS keyboards, like that on the U33Jc. The nVidia hardware should be listed in the hardware drivers control panel.

Express gate os -

Select Activate to install and automatically configure the new drivers. You will need to logout of your desktop or reboot before the new drivers take effect. HotKeys To get the majority of the hotkeys to function properly, you need to modify how Grub start your Linux, as follow. Open a terminal and edit your Grub configuration file: Neither of the disable touchpad keys work. Ubuntu Desktop 9.

Dedicated touchpad disable button does not work. Using proprietary NVidia driver and video is awesome! Have not tried the HDMI yet. Realtek se is not directly supported in Karmic. Tried newer kernel and newer driver from Realtek but just not reliable. Internal mic does not Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate shows in sound config and Skype but does not work, still looking for a solution. The Realtek wireless driver requires you compile and install to your Kernel version, this means any Kernel updates will require you to recompile sudo make, sudo make install.

So far Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate have only had success with Kernel 2. Will update if I find another Kernel that works. Asus Eee HA Most things work out of the box, but you need to resolve those problems: This lines up with a screw underneath the RAM, which is in an access panel on the bottom side of the unit.

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Flip the netbook over, remove the rubber pad covering the screw, and remove the screw holding the access panel shut. Slide the access panel to your right, causing it to release.


Remove the RAM modules by separating the two silver fingers on either side, widening the space between them. Remove the silver screw in the copper-ringed hole on the motherboard there, in the top-left of the RAM access panel.

Remove the four screws in the mounting for the hard disk, and slide it right to detach it Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate the motherboard. Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures here of how to disassemble this laptop as a big "kiss off" to Asus, who apparently doesn't want you non-"professionals" to know how to disassemble the hardware you own. I actually should have checked this first; the center pin on the DC power jack is broken off. It's not that the jack came loose from the motherboard, it's that the center pin, which is only 0.

Judging by various online forums, this is a very common problem. I then spent some time getting the jack off the motherboard. I tried heat guns and other techniques, but this is a multilayer board, and the center ground plane, which is copper, tends to suck the heat away from the pins very quickly. Up till this change it was impossible to upgrade to windows 10, unless your IP was in this region. So I checked the last mentioned methode on this Netbook and the Hotkey driver did install corectly, but the mousepad was from another hardware manufacturer. So after a reboot I got this Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate You can't install the driver using the Installer. Heat We suspected that cramming a dual-core processor and Nvidia Ion graphics into such a svelte chassis might make it run warm, and the Asus Eee PC 1215N Express Gate proved us right.

After playing a minute Hulu video at full screen, the touchpad measured 94 degrees and the area between the G and H keys was 96 degrees. The bottom part of the machine was the most uncomfortable, reaching degrees. Eee PC N. Select Other Model.

ASUS EeePC 1215N: Bringing NG-ION to the 1201

Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual & Document · Warranty. Eee PC N.


Tech in Style Eee PC User's Manual for Traditional Chinese Edition (T). Downloaded Asus Express Gate Cloud Portuguese Manual.

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