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One indication Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN the end of the refueling operation is the closing of the vehicle fuel door. Once the end of the refueling operation is detected at blockthen control transfers to block and the vehicle network gateway exits the refueling mode. The method begins at block by providing a motor vehicle which has at least one vehicle data network in communication with one or more vehicle network connected vehicle sensor and actuator devices, as well as in communication with at least one computer based vehicle management system, for example, an engine management system. At block a vehicle network interface is provided and interconnected with and in communication with the one or more vehicle data networks.

The vehicle network interface is configured and adapted to communicate with at least one external wireless network. At block a diagnostic service device is provided, for example a computer running diagnostic software.

The diagnostic device is in communication with the vehicle network gateway over the wireless network. At block the diagnostic service device queries for, receives and gathers vehicle sensor signal and vehicle management system diagnostic data over the Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN network from the vehicle network gateway.

US8254404B2 - Gateway with voice - Google Patents

Gathered data may include any portion of available real-time or dynamic vehicle signal data, such as sensor measurements, as well as error codes and data from vehicle network gateway generated logs such as trigger logs, strobe logs, and data logs and real-time statistics. The gathered data is processed through diagnostic software in the diagnostic device to produce a vehicle problem diagnosis at block The method begins at step where the list of messages to log and the trigger conditions Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN read from memory. Block tests if any of the trigger Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN have been met. If the trigger conditions are not met then control transfers to block At block if trigger conditions are met then control transfers to block where messages are moved from the circular data buffer to the triggered data log.


The triggered data log has a Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN capacity limit. At block if space remains in the trigger data log for another set of trigger data the control transfers tootherwise control transfers to block The method begins at step where the list of messages and signals to be monitored for statistics calculations are read from memory. At block the vehicle network gateway extracts the signals from each message. Then at block the signal statistics are updated. The discussed construction, illustrations and sequence of operation is for one embodiment of the invention, but is in no way limiting Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN other embodiments.

The operating modes may be changed and enhanced without deviating from the intention of this inventive disclosure. In the preceding detailed description, reference has been made to the accompanying drawings that form a part hereof, and in which are shown by way of illustration specific embodiments in which the invention may be practiced. These embodiments and certain variants thereof have been described in sufficient detail to Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN those skilled in the art to practice the invention.

It is to be understood that other suitable embodiments may be utilized and that logical, electrical, networking technology, material, and mechanical changes may be made without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention. To avoid unnecessary detail, the description omits certain information known to those skilled in the art. The preceding detailed description is, therefore, not intended to be limited to the specific forms set forth herein, but on the contrary, it is intended to cover such alternatives, modifications, and equivalents, Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN can be reasonably included within the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

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While particular embodiments of the invention have been shown and described, numerous variations and alternate embodiments will occur to those skilled in the art. In instances where BAP is a telephone company, broadband service to locationsmay be provided via DSL or other Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN access technology. Accordingly, the modemsmay be DSL modems.

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In instances where BAP is a cable operator, broadband service to locationsmay be provided via cable. Given the rapid decrease Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN the cost of leased telephone lines over the past decade or more, the connection to the locationmay also be T1 or T3 connections. For example, a switch located at a central office CO not shown may be utilized to couple a T1 or T3 connection between the second location and the PSTN The gateway may comprise an integrated DSL modem, cable modem or other high-speed modem that may be required for handling a connection such as a T1 or T3 connection. Alternatively, the gateway may be coupled to an external DSL modem, cable modem or other high-speed modem that may be capable of handling connections such as a T1 or a T3 connection.


The mobile switching center may be coupled to, for example, the PSTN via the transport network As an access device moves out of range of a first cell site to within range of a second cell site, the decrease signal power received from the first cell site and the increase in signal power received from the second cell site causes initiation of handoff of a call from the first cell site to the second cell site. In cases where there is no second cell site to handoff to, the call may be maintained by the first cell site power until it is attenuated to a threshold where it is no longer feasible to maintain the call. At the point where the power reaches or falls below this threshold, the call may drop and any related call resources may be relinquished. As an illustration, a user may be on Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN way home and as the user approaches their home, the signal may fall Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN a minimum signal power threshold that is required to maintain a call.

However, instead of dropping the call, the call may be handed off to, for example, a PAN or a wireless local area network WLAN that may be located within the user's home or an unlicensed wireless access system that may be located in the user's home.

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For example, with reference to FIG. Accordingly, instead of the call being dropped, the call has been seamlessly handed off and is now Gateway 714 Broadcom LAN handled by the gateway via the wireless interface Simulcasting is the simultaneous broadcasting of the same information over two different communication paths or channels. This is the Windows XP network driver for the computer models listed below. English and Japanese instructions are included in the g: ‎ ‎Must include: ‎ Free Download Gateway NE56R Broadcom LAN Driver for Windows 7 (Network Card)Missing: ‎ ‎Must include: ‎

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