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A server process, to be discussed in greater detail subsequently, is implemented on the server 16, and a client process, also to be discussed in detail subsequently, operates on each of the clients In the present invention, the client process operates, at least in part, on the client machine However, in alternative embodiment of the present invention, the client process Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth operate on the controller of the radio modem 22 of the client In wireless network system 10 illustrated in FIG.

Therefore, the client 18 communicates via a radio link 28 with client Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth which relays the data packets from client 18B to server A client 18C has a direct line-of-sight to server 16, but is out of transmission range to the server As noted in FIG. In embodiment described herein, this optimization looks solely to the number of hops between the client and the server for the sake of simplicity. However, other factors can also affect the quality of the data transmission.

For example, the traffic, of data packets through a particular client modem may be large, such Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth is better to route the data from neighboring clients through other clients, even though there may be more hops involved with the alternative routing. Also, some radio links may be less robust or may be slower than other links, such that optimization may result in a routing of data around the less robust or slower links, even though it may increase the number of hops to the server Therefore, although the present preferred embodiment looks at only one single factor in its optimization process, it will be appreciated by those skilled in the art that multiple factors can Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth used to stabilize or optimize the wireless network system 10 of the present invention.

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It should also be noted that the wireless network system 10 of the present invention is quite robust in that it will survive the loss of one or more clients in the system. For example, if the client 18A is lost due, for example, to a power or system failure, the data packets of Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth 18C can be routed through the client 18D, and the data packets for the client 18B can be routed through clients 18C. Therefore, the wireless network system 10 is highly robust and highly survivable under a number of adverse conditions. In addition, the present invention permits mobile communication within the wireless network system For example, if the client 18D is a portable computer and is moved around within Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth wireless network system 10, it will opportunistically change its data communication path as better links become available.

For example, if the client 18D is moved close to the client 18B, it may use the client 18B as its link to server Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth Also, any routing through the client 18D from other clients such as 18C in this example will be updated and optimized as the data path for the client 18D changes. However, even if a radio modem is turned off, the remaining clients Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth re-route through other clients, as will be discussed subsequently.

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The tree structure is maintained in the server S, and is transmitted to any client that Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth request it. The client 18D is in direct communication with the server 16 via radio link In the scenario where client 18C realizes it has a better connection to server 16 through the client 18D, the link 30 to client 18B is no longer used, and a new radio link 34 to client 18D is established.


This is illustrated in FIG. Now clients 18A and 18B remain 1 hop clients, client 18B remains a 2 hop client, but client 18C is upgraded from a 3 hop client to a 2 hop client.

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It will therefore be understood that when speaking of a link to an Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth client, that this also implicitly includes all necessary links from that adjacent client to the server, i. The nodes and have been arbitrarily selected as servers for the purpose of this example. For the purpose of this example, it Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth assumed that a node can only communicate with an immediate adjacent node. Of course, in actual operation, nodes may be able to communicate with more distant nodes than its immediate neighbor nodes.

It should be noted, that in the notes incorporated of FIGS.

This Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth is used for clients with respect to clients and servers and the notation should not be confused with any other uses of the reference numerals 1 through 60 in this document. As noted previously, for the purpose of this example, we will assume that any particular node is only in radio communication range of a node that is adjacent in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction, i.

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Again, this notation will be discussed in greater detail subsequently. Server updates its routing table accordingly. Client will respond and add client to its routing table as its left son. The updated routing table of the server is therefore Client establishes contact with client and finds a path through clients and to server The updated routing table of the server is then: The route from client to the server is: It should be noted that the client can make radio contact with clients Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth,and Bluetooth - M/ come with BlueTooth, '50FX and M do not.

know if widcomm is a company or what but this is exactly what gateway's website says. im not % sure about the Gateway M-152 WIDCOMM Bluetooth reader, but for the bluetooth you will easily be able to find drivers from the bluetooth manufactures I think its WIDCOMM or something. Has anyone found XP drivers for the Gateway MXL?

I do not.

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