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Well, one reason is if the stuff you want to send to Mars doesn't come from Earth but from the Moon.


So If you have can find ice in the craters at the Moon's poles or somewhere elseyou could ship that up to lunar orbit and pick it Gateway B-330 to use at, or on the way tom Mars. Similarly if you bring in ice from comets or water from Ceres, you may want it close to Earth, so you can work on it, but you probably don't want to bring it all the way down to LEO.


Bigelow also claims that the module provides radiation protection equivalent to, and ballistic protection superior to, the International Space Station. It will also have "a zero-g toilet with solid Gateway B-330 liquid waste collection, semi-private berths for each crew member, exercise equipment, a food storage and preparation station, lighting, and a personal hygiene station. The walls are made up of 24 to 36 layers for ballistic protection, thermal protectionradiation protection [9] and will be as hard as concrete once the craft is fully expanded.

Dual-redundant control thruster systems are to be used, one using mono-propellant hydrazine and Gateway B-330 other using gaseous hydrogen and gaseous oxygen. The latter system is refillable from the on-board environmental control system.

The module's large size is particularly beneficial for lunar astronauts or the crews of other long-duration space missions, [11] which until now have been restricted to fairly cramped quarters for the several-day flight. Technology[ edit ] Mock-up of the B While details on the purchased TransHab technology have not been published, NASA states the following about the structure of the module that Bigelow adopted as a starting point: The private space habitat is slated to launch in under a deal between the two companies. United Launch Alliance This first orbiting B — which is so named because it contains cubic meters, or about 11, cubic feet, of internal volume — could house visiting space tourists and accommodate a variety of scientific experiments, Bigelow said.

Indeed, it's likely that these modules will serve multiple purposes and customers, operating on a time-share basis. See how the BEAM module works in Gateway B-330 full infographic.

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The first Bs Gateway B-330 allow for greatly expanded opportunities for researchers, companies and space tourists in low Earth orbit, they said, and the modules could eventually allow for human habitation on and around the moonand even as far away as Mars. Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - % Compatibility Guaranteed for Gateway B Series - Gateway B-330 US Delivery. An Orion spacecraft docks a possible early configuration of the Deep Space Gateway, at this point composed only of the PPE and a single.

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