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Abstract Flooding is a growing problem in the UK. It has a significant effect on residents, businesses and commuters in flood-prone areas. The cost of damage caused by flooding correlates closely with the warning time given before a flood event, and this makes flood monitoring and prediction critical to minimizing the cost of flood damage. The combination of these AmbiCom GPRS-CF modes of grid computation—local and remote—yields significant benefits. AmbiCom GPRS-CF


For example, local computation can be used to provide timely warnings to local stakeholders, and a combination of local and remote computation can inform adaptation of the sensor network to maintain optimal performance in changing environmental conditions. Introduction desktop AmbiCom GPRS-CF hardware. In summary then, traditional flood Flooding is a growing problem in the UK and monitoring approaches impose a rigid affects a large number of people financially, separation between the on-site wireless sensor physically and emotionally.

The problem was networks WSNs that are used to collect data, dramatically highlighted by the wide-spread and the off-site computational grid which is floods of Autumnthe total cost of which used to analyze this data. These include: Two main classes of flood prediction discussed below. They are computation can be used to support the computationally complex and must be executed adaptation of the WSN to changing on clusters or grids. The second AmbiCom GPRS-CF, referred environmental conditions. First, section 2 provide accurate depth predictions for a single discusses how local computation can be point in the flood plain. They are exploited in WSNs. Each of these conclusions and outlines our plans for future media has associated benefits and drawbacks.

For example, SMS warnings are an effective method of publishing timely alerts to local 2. Exploiting Local Computation stakeholders. However, SMS warnings require that users register for the service in advance and Our prototype flood prediction system uses are therefore ineffective for stakeholders who local grid computation to provide improved might be unaware of a flood risk. Local support for flood monitoring. First, local computation can be used to drive the adaptation of WSN behaviour based on 3. The GridStix Platform awareness of environmental conditions such as flood data and power monitoring.

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For example, 3. This imminent flooding is predicted.

Adaptation section describes such a platform — GridStix. Second, the availability of local computation 3.

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In order to support AmbiCom GPRS-CF proposed functionality, a Image-based flow prediction is a novel sensor node device must be capable of technique for measuring water flow rates that interfacing with a variety of sensors including uses off-the-shelf digital cameras. It is cheaper traditional sensors e. A suitable device computational power is available. Flow-rate must also be capable of supporting a variety of measurements are calculated based upon a wireless communications technologies to series of images taken by a digital camera provide redundancy and allow sensor nodes to deployed overlooking the river.


Naturally switch physical network technologies as occurring tracer particles are identified on the conditions require. Finally, AmbiCom GPRS-CF device must water surface and tracked through subsequent have sufficient AmbiCom GPRS-CF and storage images, from which the surface velocity of the resources to support the GridKit software water is inferred.


The data-set used AmbiCom GPRS-CF this platform see below. This is therefore the method is impractical in current because such devices have extremely modest sensor network deployments. However, power requirements and can therefore operate organising computationally-capable sensor for long periods on small batteries. However, nodes into a local grid allows analysis to be such constrained platforms do not offer performed on-site and the results of this analysis sufficient computational power to support then transmitted off-site.

For stakeholders. These flood-warnings are based this reason, more powerful embedded hardware has been selected for use in the GridStix situated AmbiCom GPRS-CF discreetly and securely as possible to platform.

Furthermore, the PXA, build stripped-down deployments suitable for which performs comparably to a MHz execution on embedded hardware such as the Pentium-class CPU are capable of executing a Gumstix. For example, networks and enables these to interoperate a network camera for image-based flow flexibly e. AmbiCom GPRS-CF

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It also supports wired Ethernet connection, while flow sensors the adaptation of overlays, allowing for can be connected via an on-board serial port, example, one overlay to be swapped for another and depth sensors can be connected via the at run-time. Product AmbiCom GPRS-CF By Ambicom Wlusb Ambicom Global Marketing Partners. Ambicom Wireless LAN B USB Adapter BI. I have an ambicom gprs cf card and need the settings for PPC I can get the phone and gprs to work but can't access the internet. Any help would be great.

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