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Nivo cannot be held responsible if you order an incorrect product based on the overview only. Load games works in seconds! Enjoy your game with double the sensation. Keep Calm Under Pressure Heat is the most original element on earth. Cooling is therefore a knotty task to tackle with.

One click on the fan boost button, a total of 6 heat pipes and dual fans actively and effectively push heat out of the system, making the cooling design of GT72 the highest level of its kind. By synchronizing the display refresh rates to the GPU, G-GYNC eliminates screen tearing and minimizes stutter and input lag to deliver the very best gaming experience.

MSI Gaming GT72 6QD(Dominator G)-816FR

Objects look sharper and gameplay is fluid and responsive to give you a serious competitive edge. No extra spending is therefore needed to experience the advantages brought by this feature. To satisfy consumers desire to experience high quality sound effects, MSI partnered with top audio brand Dynaudio, which has a devoted aspiration for "Authentic Fidelity" to meet this demanding standard. Any high quality stereo source is transformed into true-to-life, multi-channel sound.

No need to purchase extra speakers, wires or speaker stands to appreciate room-filling sound. By utilizing dedicated headset amplifiers, an isolated audio board and gold-plated audio jacks, Audio Boost 2 delivers the most advanced listening experience of any gaming notebook. Audio Boost 2 provides gamers a more detailed aural picture of their surroundings, helping in-game, while also minimizing distortion and providing a powerful amplifier which has no trouble powering even the most demanding gaming headsets. Gold-plated jacks will give you less MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN interference and ensure the long-term durability of the jack.

Stop losing games to lag with Killer DoubleShot Pro.

Protect and prioritize networking traffic while preventing lag spikes so you can game without fear and play at your best. Select programs you want your network to prioritize to ensure maximum bandwidth and track your speeds with the easy-to-use Killer Networking Manager. Hence, each color is delivered with the highest standard precision in detail, guaranteeing excellent MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN fidelity for many use applications. Trusting that the displays colors naturally represent the content is MSI's objective.

The display can get really bright which makes it a breeze to use under most lighting conditions. Colour reproduction is also very good and thanks to the p resolution, images and text look fairly sharp. Audio quality is certainly among the best we've heard thus MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN, especially positional audio, which makes games quite immersive even without headphones. The volume level of the speakers is fairly loud too without no audible distortion.

Ditching Nvidia's Optimus technology is an interesting choice on MSI's part, since you have to reboot the laptop if you want to switch between the integrated and discrete graphics capabilities. The GT72 isn't really designed for gaming on-the-go, and since it will most likely spend its whole life on your desk where you'll always have MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN to a power outlet, it won't be that big an issue. Also, people who buy this type of laptop are probably not looking at battery life as a major feature so it's not a real calamity, but it certainly isn't ideal. In terms of raw computational power, the iHQ processor is roughly percent faster on average than a Core iHQ, which is reflected in the synthetic MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN. We also ran PCMark 8's Home, Creative and Work test suites, which resulted in scores ofand respectively.

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  • MSI GT72S 6QD Dominator G Atheros LAN/WLAN Driver for Windows 10 64-bit

For starters, you get twice the number MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN shader units and a wider bit memory bus, which has a big impact on games. The Unigine Valley benchmark also returned a decent average score of 35fps with Ultra settings and 8x AA. Coming to real world games, the GT72 blasted its way through anything we threw at it without breaking a sweat. It's also important to note that palm rest area doesn't heat up while gaming and the two exhaust fans stay off until you manually engage them. All real-world games were tested at the screen's native resolution, and the eye candy was pushed to the highest possible limit.

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Gsync works beautifully in getting rid of screen tearing or stutter during gameplay. We start off with Crysis 3, in which we managed to get a smooth 40fps average frame rate with all the settings bumped up to the Very High preset and with FXAA enabled. You could boost the anti-aliasing further but we found that caused slight lag during heavy gun fights with lots of explosions. Tomb Raider 's built-in benchmark ran at an average of 47fps with everything maxed out MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN anti-aliasing set to 4x SSAA. We recommend keeping TressFX turned off as it almost halves the frame rate.

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FarCry 4 looked absolutely stunning with everything maxed out at Ultra, and was very fluid for the most part. The external amps give the Killer better Wi-Fi signal at longer ranges. MU-MIMO is designed to dramatically increase network efficiency and throughput by allowing enabled routers to serve wireless clients simultaneously. The Killer DoubleShot Proz automatically routes high priority traffic to the fastest Killer interface. Free MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LANWLAN MSI GT72 6QD Dominator G Killer LAN/WLAN Driver for Windows 10 bit (Network Card).


Free Download MSI GT72S 6QD Dominator G Tobii Rivet Networks Killer LAN/WLAN Driver for Windows 10 bit (Network Card).

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