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It's a great way Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 stop live action or document a process. The DC Zoom Camera features an optical quality glass, 2X zoom lens, equivalent to mm, digital zoom for 4X magnification and a close-up mode that's perfect for capturing small products, spare parts, crafts and collectibles as close as 8 inches 0. Use audio captions to annotate your images or capture ambient sound while you shoot - into the same file, so you won't have to keep track of any extra files.

We suspect this Info screen may be used to greater effect with the Digita scripting system, as a place to put other script-driven menus, etc. Setup controls Back-panel menus Camera setup is controlled via the back-panel controls.


Pressing the "Menu" button brings up a scrolling list of menus, each with several choices. We'll step through these menus in the order they're presented on the camera. The compression setting can be overridden by the top-panel picture-taking controls, and may also be set via the Capture Mode screen, while picture size is available only through the back-panel Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 or Capture Mode screens, and not via the top-panel controls. Burst Mode Burst mode allows the camera to take a number of images in rapid sequence, to the limit of the camera's temporary buffer memory. In the case of the highest-resolution images, "bursts" are limited to two images, while up to eight x images can be captured in a single burst exposure.

Settings available on the Burst screen include the resolution images are to be captured in, the number of frames per second to be captured ranging from 12 fps to 0. Note that the image size selected and amount of available memory can restrict both the maximum capture rate and the number of images that can be acquired. Timelapse Mode The Timelapse menu option lets you configure the camera to capture Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 over extended periods of time.

Kodak DC220 - Digital Camera

You can specify between-shot intervals in 16 steps, ranging from one minute to 24 hours. For longer-interval exposures, the camera will appear to power-down between shots, but will wake back up again when its time for the next frame.

As a side note, this is a pretty cool feature - if you can put the camera down for a few minutes, time-lapse photos of Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 racing across the sky are great for drawing oohs and aahs from friends. You'll need some sort of a basic animation package to string the raw pictures together into a "movie" though Album Settings not on The CF storage cards used by the DC are available with very large capacities as much as 48 megabytes at this writing, in mid This means you could Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 have hundreds of images in the camera's memory.

If you needed to navigate through this many images, the simple "filmstrip" interface could become a bit unwieldy. The upscale DC provides an "Albums" option to deal with images in groups, but Kodak left this feature off the DC, doubtless as a way to further differentiate between the two. It would be nice to have some sort of more-rapid preview function available in its absence like a 4- or 9-image thumbnail view, as provided by some camerasbut we never found this to be an impediment, at least when working within the constraints of the included 8 MB memory card.

Kodak DC MP Digital Camera - Gray eBay

Script Setting The Script menu provides access to scripts written in the Digita programming language that have previously been created on a host computer and downloaded to the camera. To demonstrate the usefulness, Kodak has begun pre-loading several scripts on the shipping units of the camera, including ones for automatic bracketing, and a cute one called "One More Picture", that automatically calculates the picture quality and compresson settings needed to squeeze one more picture into the space available on the memory card. White Balance Settings The DC provides for a variety of lighting conditions, via its white-balance Kodak Digital Camera DC 220.

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In automatic mode, the camera attempts to remove any color cast in the image Kodak Digital Camera DC 220. As with any digital camera, the automatic function can be a little hit or miss, in that the camera doesn't know what it's looking at: If a scene is composed only of varying shades of red, the automatic white balance will try to subtract-out most of the red, leaving the colors dull and lifeless.

Kodak digital camera comparison: DC220 versus DC120

Most of the time, auto white balance is quite effective, so you may not need to use the other settings. In practice, we found that the "manual" settings tended to leave a little of the color cast of the lighting in the shot perhaps deliberately, to preserve some of the original picture's mood. We were a little puzzled by the "none" setting, as it isn't clear what Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 camera would be assuming as a light source if not one of the three standard light sources. For what it's worth, images shot with the "none" setting came out a little warmer-looking than those taken with the "daylight" option, making it more suited to open shade or overcast skies.


Watermark Both the and its big brother the provide a unique customization option, that of "watermarking" images. Date Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 time stamping is nothing new although usually the location within the frame is fixedbut the DC goes one better, allowing you to create a watermark of your logo or other graphic information that can be applied to every picture, the same as the text or date message.

Logo watermarks are applied using special ". Kodak provides a utility for converting standard PNG portable network graphics files to the. We can imaging the logo watermark capability being used by Kodak Digital Camera DC 220 and others wishing to "brand" their images to indicate origin. Long Time Exposure, allowing exposure times from 0. On the DC, this menu also includes settings for the external flash option. Capture Preferences include the file type used to store images JPEG or FlashPixthe duration of the "Quickview" image review after each image is captured, whether the auto-rotate function is enabled, whether system sounds are enabled the little clicks and beeps associated with camera operation, menu selection, etcand the duration of the sleep timeout.

Kodak has long been a leader in digital imaging, having created some of the very first all-digital cameras as long ago as With the DC, they extend the. Find great deals for Kodak DC - Digital Camera. Shop with confidence on eBay!

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