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Once you configure the drives and apply the configuration, walk away and pursue other endeavors. The setup could take a very long time—many hours to a day or so depending on the drives you installed. I left my setup overnight and it was complete in the morning. This choice allows the LaCie LaCie 5big Network essentially set itself up LaCie 5big Network no further user intervention required. For my scenario, the automatic choice was identical to what I wanted to do anyway, so I was impressed.

Easy LaCie 5big Network Use Once set up, it is easy to use for the most part — see some exceptions below. There is a lot of flexibility in setting up shares and access. I just used the default, which will be sufficient for most home users. But it has the power to be a file server for a small office as well. The LaCie automatically appeared on the Finder sidebar on all our Macs.

LaCie 5big Network 2 Review - Storage Reviews

Clicking on it opened the shares, and clicking on them mounted them LaCie 5big Network the desktop, ready to access. There is also a software program, LaCie Network Assistant, which you can install and which resides on the menu bar.


This also allows you to access the shares, as well as enter setup. It is not required, as all its functions are available in some other way, LaCie 5big Network I do find it convenient to have everything in one location.

LaCie 5big Network 2 5-bay RAID Server NAS 301525U - 800130307

Reasonably Fast Copying to and from the LaCie is fast. Access speeds to the LaCie are at least as fast as the Time Capsule. It did speed up quite a bit, but this scenario also caused a noticeable lag in access time from other Macs on the network. However, I doubt most people will be copying such a large amount of data very often. Copying the same amount of data from the LaCie, however, did not result in any performance degradation to other users. I have read LaCie 5big Network, mostly older, reviews which find the 5big to be downright slow. I believe the speed issue has been improved thru firmware updates. LaCie 5big Network LaCie notifies you when an update is available, and I installed at least three such updates in three months.

While there are certainly faster units available, most small businesses should find the LaCie sufficiently fast for their purposes.

The unit is discoverable in Apple Bonjour. There are two Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can be configured for aggregation or failover.

LaCie 5big Network 2 Review

While all of this may sound great, there is, unfortunately, a flip side. For example, it does a great job of explaining the various RAID modes and the relative advantages and disadvantages of each.

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However, while the instructions overall are pretty good, they are woefully lacking in one area: For example, when setting up RAID, the instructions LaCie 5big Network as follows: There are other examples where things take far longer than I thought they should have, and LaCie should tell you this. Simply managing user expectations would help ease a lot of potential setup frustration. No SSH Access… …either to the files or the unit itself. This is disappointing for power users, because the LaCie does not take advantage of much of the power of Linux, and it could probably do a lot more if we could get to the operating system. A quick Google search shows that some users have proposed ways to hack the LaCie, but I have not tried it. You can attach an external drive, either via USB or eSATA, and you can set up the LaCie to automatically or manually back up some or all of its files to this external drive.

This is particularly useful if you want to keep a copy of your backup off-site in case a real disaster strikes. A simple calculation would show that, even making a generous allowance for speed reduction due to overhead, it should have taken less LaCie 5big Network 4 hours.

I accidentally copied GB of data to the wrong share. Because LaCie 5big Network is no way to access the Linux server built in to the LaCie, and simply move the data in a few seconds, the best route seemed to be to recopy the data to the right share and delete it from the wrong one. Moving it with the Mac would entail copying it from the LaCie to Mac, then back up to the LaCie, unnecessary because I already had the data on the Mac. The LaCie 5big 2 Network loaded a pop-up window once it had an active network connection with internet access letting us know that newer software existed and that it would automatically download it. Once downloaded we initiated the install which took place over a few minutes with one reboot to get the system up and running again.

The time to get started LaCie 5big Network configured with the 5big Network 2 is surprisingly fast and very easy.


For anyone intimidated by technology, LaCie has done a fantastic job of distilling the large array of features into intuitive chunks, usually with graphics or charts for the visually inclined. LaCie 5Big Network - User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads. LaCie 5big Network extra security and increase data portability by backing up your 5big Network to an external hard drive through its USB. and eSATA 3GB/s ports. Backup.

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