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This means the signal Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP be clipped on one side long Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP the other. In looking at the card itself I noticed two glass seface mount diodes D1 and D2 that look like they are to protect the mic input on the AMD chip from voltage spikes. I suspectected that they were leaky so I got out the ol' soldering iron and removed them. A resistance check showed one to have 10K ohms and the other one a little more in the reverse direction. I installed two new diodes of a differeent type 1N's Put the sound card back in and wala NO more DC offset. It's fixed. It looks like Gravis had let a bad product get out of their factory. This is just one more case to show that glass serface mount diodes should not be used in production where leakage current can affect the circuit.

I have seen this before. Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP would suggest that Gravis change the design to use an SOT type serface mount package for this aplication. Try to run iwinit with the following switch: If so change all the IRQ's you need for the Gus pnp.


The same problem can be caused by Microsoft InPort Mouse 1. Another possibility to solve this problem is changing jumper 9 on the card. This is a known bug in GIPC. It's even in the 1.

To avoid it you have to edit the ultrasnd. Change the following line: Once for the ultrasound section, once for the melodic bank 0 section and once for the drum Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP 0 section.

Gravis Ultrasound software

After conversion do not forget restore the lines! You can't. Ha Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP ha. But more seriously there is no DOS-mixer with the latest version of the gus pnp drivers. However if you go to the reveal website you can download the drivers for the wave extreme This card uses the interwave also and seems to be compatible. One of the utilities is a DOS-mixer program. If you use mega-em for roland or soundblaster emulation you can set the Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP also.

Try running iwsbos or sbosthen change the sound setting to Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP. In this way you will lose sound quality but probably your joystick will work again. Be sure to install the mci driver in window or win You need this driver to play CD audio.

Advanced Gravis Computer Technology

Although the connections probably fit it could be that the wiring is wrong. It seems to be wired backwards. I've Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP a number of posts on how to fix it, so here's another one.

You will notice that the wires don't connect the leads properly. An easy way to fix it is: Each wire has a crimped-on connector at the end. These connectors are held in the plug by small, plastic fingers. The first problem you will encounter, although it is really minor, will be during the installation. Besides, as Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP is stated in the 'Corrections to the Quick Start manual', you might get an error message during the process, which really gives the impression that the installation procedure isn't finished yet. One additional word about the installation.

UltraSound Plug & Play

If you had another sound card installed on your machine with Windows 3. During our test, we incidentally forgot to remove the "UltraSound Max" drivers for Windows 95 which had for Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP to mess up the installation process! Once the installation is finished, you shouldn't at fortiori have any difficulty running any DOS-program supporting the "UltraSound".


At least, this Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP what I Advanced Gravis ULTRAPNP naively thinking. As both are software emulations, you can expect the same unpleasant surprises than with the "UltraSound". It works with most games, but the quality of the emulation leaves much to be desired. Advanced Gravis Computer Technology, Ltd. was a manufacturer of computer peripherals and hardware. The company was founded in in British Columbia  Missing: ULTRAPNP. The Advanced Gravis UltraSound card is a unique sound card in the sound card (ZIPped from the Ultra PnP CD, plus the missing from the.

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