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Lead- and lithium-based system have a lower self-discharge. This chemistry also has the lowest specific energy and is ill suited for portable use. Lithium-ion self-discharges about five percent in the first 24 hours and 1 to 2 percent thereafter.

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The need for the protection circuit increases the discharge by another three percent per month. Cycling and aging also increase self-discharge. Nickel-metal-hydride is good for cycles, whereas the standard nickel-cadmium lasts over 1, cycles before elevated self-discharge starts interfering with performance. The self-discharge on an older nickel-based battery can get so bad that the pack loses its energy mainly through leakage rather than normal use during Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio day. The self-discharge of Li-ion is reasonably steady throughout the service life and does not increase noticeably with age, unless there is a cell anomaly caused by separator damage when microscopic metal particles group together.

Table 8 reveals the self-discharge rate per month at various temperatures and state-of-charge conditions. Once present, the high self-discharge of a flooded lead acid battery cannot be reversed. Factors leading to this failure are sludge buildup in the sediment trap on the bottom of the container. The sludge is semi-conductive, and when substance reaches to the plates a soft short occurs.


On nickel-based Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad Ta weakened or damaged separator is the cause of high self-discharge. A faulty separator also increases the self-discharge in lithium-ion batteries. In extreme cases, heat generated by the electrical leak further weakens the Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio separator. This can lead to a thermal breakdown. Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad T Not all stored Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad Ti energy can or should be used on discharge, and some reserve is almost always left behind when the equipment cuts off.

There are several reasons for this. The manufacturers choose this relatively high voltage threshold to allow for some self-discharge while in storage, giving a grace period before the protection Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio opens at about 2. A hybrid Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad W on a car never fully discharges and operates on a state-of-charge of 20 to 80 percent.

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This is the most effective working bandwidth of the battery, and staying within this range delivers the longest service life. A deep discharge with a full recharge causes undue stress to any battery, including Li-ion.


Nickel-based batteries are similar, and because of reduced charge acceptance and heat buildup above the 80 percent SoC, the Battery for Lenovo Thinkpad L is seldom fully charged. The emphasis on an electric powertrain is on maximizing service life rather than optimizing runtime as is the case with consumer products.

Power tools and Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio devices that draw high currents push the Battery for Lenovo Thinkpad L voltage to an early cut-off. This is especially true if one of the cells has a high internal resistance, or when the battery is operating at cold temperatures. Figure 9 illustrates the cut-off voltage graphically. The answer is YES. Lead-acid is the oldest rechargeable Battery for Lenovo Thinkpad L in existence. The lead-acid battery has retained a market share in applications where newer Battery for Lenovo Thinkpad L chemistries would either be too expensive.

Lead-acid does not lend itself to fast charging.

Typical charge time is 8 to 16 hours. A periodic fully saturated charge is essential to prevent sulfation and the battery must always be stored in a charged state. Leaving the battery in a discharged condition causes sulfation and a recharge may not be possible. Battery for Lenovo IdeaPad Z Finding the ideal charge voltage limit is critical. A high voltage above 2. A low voltage limit is subject to sulfation on the negative Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio.

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Leaving the battery on float charge for a prolonged time does not cause damage. Lead-acid does not like deep cycling. A full discharge causes extra strain and each cycle robs the battery of some service life. This wear-down characteristic also applies to other Battery for Lenovo IdeaPad Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio chemistries in varying degrees. To prevent the battery from being stressed through repetitive deep discharge, a larger battery is recommended.

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Lead-acid is inexpensive but the operational costs can be higher than a nickel-based system if repetitive full cycles are required. The primary reason for its relatively short cycle life is grid corrosion of the positive electrode, depletion of the active material and expansion of the positive plates. Asus A42JV Notebook Realtek SRS Audio Driver last update: January 18, ; manufacturer: REALTEK; platform: Windows XP • Windows Vista. If you want to download and update ASUS A42JV Notebook drivers easily, try the all Asus A42JV Realtek SRS Audio one driver AUDIO, SRS Realtek Audio Driver, Windows 7 (bit).

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