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It came to us without its proper drivers installed, which meant that it was a major chore to effectively use the two screens on this unique, ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio, ASUS dropped in to our office to manually install the proper drivers and update the system, and after we used the updated Taichi 21 for an extended period of time, we grew to like it.

It's built using a traditional clamshell laptop form factor, but the differentiating factor is that it comes with a second screen built in to it. You get two screens with this hybrid laptop: The out-facing touch panel is glossy thanks to its scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass surface, while the ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio screen has more of a matte finish, although it is still susceptible to some glare. Both screens are Furthermore, their viewable angles are wide from the sides, as well as from above and below, which makes the screens comfortable for viewing images and videos.

They are also quite bright and they possess very good contrast. We did notice some backlight bleeding on both screens when watching movies though.

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There is a physical toggle for the screen on the left side of the base. If it's set to 'on', then when you close the lid of the laptop the out-facing screen will switch on and you can ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio start using the laptop as a tablet. The touchscreen's accuracy is high and it provides a very enjoyable user experience for Windows 8 and its swipe-in gestures. The screen will auto-rotate depending on the way you hold it, but you can also ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio disable this from the Charms' menu settings.

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Once you're done using the Taichi 21 as a tablet, you can open the lid and it will switch on the internal screen so that it can be used as a regular ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio once again. The Taichi 21 in tablet mode. But there are more scenarios that are available for this laptop, and they can be selected through the blue Taichi key on the keyboard.


Pressing this key will bring up the Taichi software, which is a full-screen app that allows you to change many system settings, including brightness and ambient light sensor settings, but most importantly, it will allow you to select ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio up to four different scenarios for the two screens. The Taichi software interface. We've already covered off on two of those scenarios: There is a 'seamless switch' that can be enabled in the software, which means that when you switch from one mode to the other, you won't be faced with a lock screen and have to log in each time — whatever you are working on will just show up immediately on each screen as you open and close the lid.


There are two other scenarios you can use, which are ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio follows: This is an extended monitor mode that works with ASUS' own software. It's said to be convenient for giving presentations while siting at a boardroom table, for example. In our line of work, we often have small meetings in which we sit at tables where presentations are made across from us.

The presenter usually has to turn the laptop around to show us the screen. We think a laptop with the capabilities of the Taichi will be useful in such a meeting scenario. With the lid open, ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio can use the Taichi in dual-screen mode.


Design and usability As far as the design of the Taichi 21 goes, it has a slim base that tapers towards the front and it feels solidly constructed. One thing that we noticed on our test model though, was that the screen's hinge was a little loose. This meant that the screen tilted all the way back on its own sometimes when we moved the laptop around.

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It also meant that when we used the Taichi as a tablet, holding it with the spine downwards meant that the screen and base came apart a little bit. Because the Taichi 21 has two screens in its lid, each with ASUS TAICHI 21 Realtek Audio own backlight, it's a top-heavy unit.

This means that it can be awkward to handle if you use it on your lap. ASUS TAICHI 21 Ultrabook Specifications. Processor - Intel Core i7 U Processor - Intel Core i5 U Processor Operating System.

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