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The first thing to note is that the Transformer Book Trio is essentially two joined-together elements: That's the gist of it. This means that you can use both products separately, yet concurrently; you can use the Android tablet to browse the Web, while at the same time using the base or PC Station as ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth regular Windows computer via an HDMI-equipped monitor or TV. In a way, it's the ultimate product if you've had trouble deciding whether to get a new Windows 8 laptop or an Android tablet, but it feels like a clunky and complicated device when it's in use. We say this because there are few too many bits of software to configure before you can use the product in the way that ASUS envisioned it setting it up to share data between the Android and Windows 8 operating systems, for exampleand also because it's a device that, at times, ran very slowly for us.

We should note that the device we tested was a demo unit, so it may not represent the final product in terms of the way it's configured and the way it runs. In this guise, the Trio conforms to the traditional clamshell form factor, with the tablet docked to the base ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth acting as a Full HD monitor.

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Like many hybrid laptops that we've seen recently, this one feels top heavy. If you lean the screen all the way back while resting it in your lap, you might find that it can topple backwards a little too easily. All up, it weighs 1.

As far as typing and navigation are concerned, ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth keyboard is a little cramped, thanks mainly to the It has a clickpad-style touchpad that's a good size 95x54mmwhich worked fine for basic pointing, tapping and scrolling. We also couldn't get any of the Windows 8 swipe-in gestures to work, but it was easier to perform these with the touchscreen instead. The keyboard and touchpad are reasonably comfortable considering the size of the unit.

Along the edges of the base you'll find a small selection of ports that make the Trio resemble a conventional laptop. It has two USB 3. ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth disappointed that an SD card slot hasn't been installed, and we wish that the HDMI port was full-sized, which would save us from having to buy an adapter in order to use it. The right side has the video outputs, the power port, and one of the USB 3.

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The left side has the headset port and the other USB 3. Network connectivity is by way of a dual-band Realtek AE This could be because the antennas for the Windows system are located in the base rather than the tablet screen the tablet has its own dual-band Wi-Fi. Bluetooth is also present. Specifications in the engine room include a fourth generation Intel Core iU CPU, which has ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth cores, Hyper-Threading, and a standard frequency of 1.

The CPU also handles graphics. There's a cooling fan for it that runs almost all the time, and it can get noticeably audible when the CPU has to ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth a lot of work. The hard drive could be heard working away in the background most of the time during our evaluation period, and we suspect it's part of the reason for the sluggishness exhibited by this laptop during general usage. In our iTunes MP3 encoding test, the Trio recorded 1min 7sec, which is a relatively slow time, but understandable given that the configuration includes a hard drive rather than solid state storage.

In CrystalDiskMark, the drive recorded a sequential read rate of However, ASUS has installed the hard drive to allow for plentiful storage space, mainly so you can access files off the hard drive through the Android tablet, and also to transfer files off the Android tablet and onto the Windows 8 system in a relatively easy manner. We love the fact that the screen has a Full HD resolution, which allows for much easier multitasking than notebooks of a similar form factor with a lower resolution. It runs Android version 4.

ASUS Transformer Book TXLA Windows 64bit Drivers, Applications, Manuals Notebook Drivers

Here's the Trio in action as a tablet. The volume and power buttons are located on the rear-left of the device, and we sometimes pressed them inadvertently. The screen has a glossy finish that, like most tablets, likes to collect smudge marks and fingerprints, and it will need a regular wipe-down. We found it to be a good unit for ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth reading, and for browsing news and content aggregation Web sites. We will note that not all apps that we use on a regular basis are compatible with this tablet. One ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth our favourites, NBA Game Time, which is used to stream basketball games, could not be installed. Furthermore, we could not stream that content through the Web because it relies on Flash, which is unsupported by this tablet.

Otherwise, you might end up being disappointed. Other things to note about this tablet are that it has a microSD card slot on the bottom, which can be used to shore up its storage capacity, and there is a micro USB port that can be used to transfer data off the tablet onto a PC, or to charge it via a PC or wall outlet. The tablet lacks a video output port. In the browser-based benchmarks Sunspider and Peacekeeper, the tablet recorded ms lower is better and marks higher is betterrespectively, using the Chrome browser.


Because our adapter requires the HDMI cable to be plugged in at a right angle, we were unable to connect the base to its power adapter while it was connected to our TV. We recommend getting a cable or adapter that juts straight out, rather than at an angle. If you have to buy an HDMI adapter for this unit, don't get a right-angled one like we did, ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Realtek BlueTooth you won't be able to plug in the power supply. At the same time, we used the tablet to browse the Web and bring up stats for the games that we were watching through LeaguePass.

It's not strictly a one-person device, and for this reason it might suit families who have been keen to get a device that's sharable. That said, you do need to have some infrastructure in place to use the Trio's PC Station base when the tablet screen is detached. Version V /09/ MBytes. Transformer Trio Pad TXLA Firmware: V Only for WW SKU (Single image) Steps of update: 1. Please Back  Missing: Realtek. Transformer Book Trio is more than just a sleek and stylish ultraportable laptop — it's three computers in one. Detach the inch display and you not only  Missing: Realtek.


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