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Dragon Rising couldn't quite make up its mind if Gateway ID49C Realtek Card Reader was a tactical shooter or a regular CoD clone? Either way, it's an uphill task for Codemasters, because going back to the simulation would alienate the console gamers and going mainstream would pit it against the big daddies of the genre - Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises. We visited the Zapak offices to find out exactly which uphill path Codemasters has chosen with Red River. Where does Zapak come into play, you ask? Well, Reliance Big Entertainment had bought 50 percent stake in Codemasters last year, so they hosted the preview code of the game across the PC and PS3 platforms.

Disappointingly, the preview code on offer looked like an early build with a work in progress campaign mode that we cannot write about. That left us with just the co-op mode dubbed Fireteam Engagements FTEwhich can be played with up to three friends. However, the version that we played didn't have multiplayer, so we had to settle with AI buddies watching my six.

But before we get to that, let's see what Red River is packing this time around. The game lets the player choose from four military classes - Rifleman, Scout, Grenadier, and Automatic Rifleman.

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Each Gateway ID49C Realtek Card Reader has its own set of weapons and customisations, and offers varying strengths and weaknesses that force the player to adopt a class that's relevant to the tactical role they intend to essay. For example, a scout will be able to sustain extra hits and have long range weapons, while an auto rifleman will be slow but able to deal out suppressive fire to let the team relocate or retreat. Gateway ID49C Realtek Card Reader what little we could tell form the limited preview, Red River mixes the simulation and casual aspects. For example, the sniper rifles do feature bullet drop, range and speed, so you have to use the markings on the reticle to compensate for distance, target speed and bullet drop. However, much unlike a simulation, the game features an RPG like experience points that's earned by completing missions and ploughing through the FTE mode, which can then be spent to upgrade weapons, unlock attachments and also gain some very non-simulation perks like reducing bullet drop for the scout class.


As incomplete as Gateway ID49C Realtek Card Reader single player campaign was, we aren't really at liberty to, nor does it even make any sense to talk about it at this stage. So let's get back to the Fireteam Exchange mode. Fireteam Exchange is Red River's version of multiplayer, which will sadly not include any competitive modes. FTE is a co-op mode that allows up to four players to go co-op happy in four distinct modes. Last Stand is a survival mode that puts you and your teams against a never ending wave of enemies.

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Rolling Thunder is an escort mission, which seems to be Red River's take on the on-rails escort missions found in most casual shooters. CSAR, or combat search-and-rescue is pretty much self explanatory. Our preview code only had the Last Stand mode, which had a single playable scenario and AI teammates only.

Graphics wise, both the PS3 and PC versions look quite similar in the preview build, which isn't saying much because the early, and I'm guessing, pre alpha code had quite a bit of graphical artefacts, and looked nowhere near as good as the last Flashpoint game or as good as the Ego engine should look like. We hope the game will end up looking much better.

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The maps are supposed to be expansive, but going outside certain boundaries made the graphics glitch, so I stayed put within the area Gateway ID49C Realtek Card Reader I was supposed to defend. The Last Stand mode involves holding fort with your buddies as hordes of PLA hone in on your positions in waves that get increasingly tougher. Just like the last game, Red River also retains the tactical UI based squad commands that lets you direct your buddies to attack, defend, suppress or take up different formations and other military tactics.

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